STORY WARNING: This story – without a doubt – will contain the following: abuse(sexual and physical), drugs, alcohol, people with psychological disorders, and – most of all – there will be YAOI! (Most of these items involve minors.) IF ANY OF THE PREVIOUSLY MENTIONED ITEMS MAKE YOU UNCOMFORTABLE, LEAVE!!!

italics – Thoughts
bold – Memories

POV: ???

My heart is thundering inside my chest, my legs feel like warm Jell-O and my lungs are bound to explode if I don't stop running soon. The setting, scarlet sun glares down upon me, daring me to stop, but I hear an amused cackle and I push my body even harder. Can't stop. They'll catch me if I stop. I can never stop running. If I stop then...then he'll find me!

The youthful laughing deepens to a furious roar and I desperately cling to the reality surrounding me. Not here! Can't be here! Never going to be here! I chant within my mind.

With my body tiring and my mind quickly deteriorating, it's obvious what I have to do. I turn and dash down a new street, scanning both sides for a place to hide. Bank? Too many people. Police station? Too many questions. Bookstore? I hope it's still open...

Racing across the street, I reach for the door handle and pull. To my dismay, the door is locked. Gasping for air, I press my aching body to the cool glass to keep from collapsing. The scornful laughing nears with each second and I can't bare to imagine what is going to happen to me. I need to survive. I need to be able to return home.

In a fit of desperation I begin to bang against the door furiously. "Please!" I shout hoarsely. "If anyone is in there, please, let me in!" I know my efforts are in vain, but I cling to the hope of being rescued all the same.

I glance over my shoulder, only to see the five boys that have been tailing me. They're casually standing across the street with the Devil's smile etched on each of their wretched faces. I did nothing to provoke their hatred. Yet, they have become vultures, circling a dying animal, and all they're doing is waiting for the final moments of life to pass. If only I had a knife to cut out their criticizing eyes. Then I wouldn't have to be seen in such a wretchedly pathetic state.

My frantic pleas quiet and my legs won't take the strain of standing. As I crumple into a heap on the cement, I hear that odious laughter. I close my eyes in resignation and grip my arms painfully. Please, at least let it be quick...

I press my weak form against the filthy cement and watch the thugs approach. Their footsteps echo on the desolate street, breaking the silence that thrives in this laidback community.

When they reach the curb, they abruptly stop. I'm perplexed by the group's unexpected change in character and their pale complexions. Their eyes aren't focused on me any more; they're staring at the bookstore. No, it isn't the store that has them frozen. It has to be something inside the store. I mentally slap myself for my first assumption. Today is definitely not a good thinking day for me.

A tinkling bell sounds and the unruly gang scatters to the four winds within seconds. Relief floods my body. Thank you to whomever for listening.

However, my respite is short lived. A disgruntled cough jolts my entire being into an alert state. Rolling away from the door, I stare apprehensively through my unkempt hair.

The first thing my eyes lock onto are a pair of immaculate, knee-high black boots. My gaze slowly travels up long legs encased in white to a very firm abdomen. Licking my lips, I force my eyes to continue their journey up the bare torso to the face of my savior. I'm positive my heart just skipped a beat. I've never seen another person like him before in my life.

Sharp, tawny eyes are set in a slender face framed by wisps of wine-red hair. Green eye liner and yellow eye shadow is carefully painted on his face. To my chagrin, his ebony lips are set firmly in a frown.

Sighing, the extremely tall young man motions for me to stand. "You should come in before those jackasses decide to come back."

Why does he want me to go inside with him? I should disappear and leave this guy alone. I attempt to stand, but half-way up, my vision swims and I topple forward. I'm grateful I don't finish my nosedive, yet the arms holding my quivering form make me uneasy. Not here! Can't be here! Never going to be here!

My knight in shining armor deftly lifts me into his arms and carries me into the safety of the bookstore. I can't take his touching, but I'm too tired to fight. After so much strife, my mind at last breaks. As the first tears slip down my face, my vision darkens. Now I'll at least be able to sleep...

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This is the prequel to my other story, Falling Deep, Slipping Down.

TEASER: (Chapter One: Section One – Soul Fractured to the Bone) Two strange character without names. One is a paranoid mess, the other is a mysterious, topless savior. Anything is bound to happen in the next installment of Silver Skies.