Stop It.
By: Jasmine Pulchritude

You make no sense to me
Can't you see how you always tense me
But I'm trying to believe it can't be
Can't be like this
I hate you.

I hate how you make me feel
How you make the pain all real
And how you always tell me to deal
As if it's not your problem
You never gave me time to heal.
I hate you.

And because I hate you,
I throw things around
I stomp my feet on the ground listening to the sound
It's kind of calming for some reason, just like when you make my head pound.
You make me angry. And I hate you.

I hate you because you're the thing I hate most... Me.
I hate myself when I boast about stupid things.
I hate myself when I burn my toast, so I'll wait until the coast is clear.
But I still hate you. I hate you for being me.

Stop it.