Peace, love

and sadness.

A man falls,

even before his time,

my time,

but a legend rises.

As a phoenix from flames,

a new life,

a fresh level of existence.

Not a holy idol,

not even a false one,

but imagine,

an image, forever.

An idea

in human form.

Shots to silence backfire,

voices cry out,

voices rise above,

voices carry on.

Angels lose sleep,

and a generation,

a second generation,

mourns and weeps;

but imagine,

a message, forever.

Magic and music;

A life spelled out

in song.

A beat, a heart beat

that goes on.

A session,

of love making,

that never ends,

and includes us all.

A dream,

we were all forced out of.

But imagine,

imagine forever.


for John, twenty-five years later.