One last time and then there will be no more here it goes…

This goes out to all the people out there who have felt like the great one got away from them, for anyone who has been unsure about how they feel for someone close to them this is for all of you out there.

You are the only one for me; yes you are my everything you should know that I would go to any lengths for you just as long as I don't have to see a frown go running down that beautiful face of yours.

I'm not sure if u realise how special you are to me, u seem so close to me like family that always shows there love toward another never really wanting to hurt another. You make me feel so happy inside when you're around and when you are not around you make me feel so blue. Sometimes you are just so hypnotic that whenever I see you, you seem to find someway to pick me up when ever I am feeling down.

Now this never had to happen between us it could have gone in different directions for us but the problem is that this situation came to us, it was inevitable something's are just unavoidable, we both new that the day would come where we would have to have a fight the only problem was how would we handle it how would it affect us…

Now that the time has come and things have been said and done can we both still live with the hard choices that we have made? There is one thing that should be said before things are set in motion permanently, these words that I am about to say are coming from the heart and I would never take them back no matter what happens between us, so please remember these words because they stay true with me forever.

" I will always stay friends with you forever just as long as u want me to be there for you and no matter what happens I will always love you until the day I die"

This is the last anyone will ever hear of me on this site I will never have the heart to write again. Maybe it's just me but I still believe things can work out if we just give it a second chance.