Dressed in red

With a brand new haircut

I can't think or breathe

And I don't even dare

This once cold prison

Now looms over me

Asking me why I have come?

When I was so glad to finally leave

I smile at the irony

Of how much I've changed

Or maybe I haven't

Who can really tell?

My hair was once long

And so were the rumors

That everyone whispered

Whenever I passed by

Our society's troubles

Were once so complicated

But compared to today's

Damn did we have it easy!

We bragged about sex

Our grades, and our looks

But as for the new generation

I don'tevenwant to know

I, however, once was considered

A geek and a freak

But hey, nobody's perfect

And I'll bet they already know that

So with a heave and sigh

And a long but silent prayer

I push open the green iron door

And restrain my perilous screams

Above me gleams the banner

Markingthe4 longestyears of my life

That still haunt me to this day

In my darkest of nightmares

Welcome Class of 2005

To the hell upon Earthitself

Get Out!

While you'll still can

Gazing around the room

I search for a familiar face

And then see my two best friends

That Iknew since I was fifteen

We talked, and welaughed

All so very long ago

We even grew up together

Well, at least the two of themdid

Nuby was the smart and classy one

Kim was creative and witty

And as for me, well, let's just say

With me around who needs cable?

Oh I remember how much

Fun we all had

When sat downand ate lunch together

And danced for hours at Nuby's parties

We hung out, talked, and went out for ice cream

Every single summer, and birthday

Kim and Nuby were the greatest

And I hope they know that

So I walk straight up to them

And say hi a little nervously

We gasp and hug each other

Trying tohold back our tears of joy

Nuby's a wife and a mother

And so is Kim as well

I always knew that that would happen

I guess it was inevitable

They both have outstanding careers

And jobs that they adore

Nuby is a diplomat

And Kim works in Hollywood!

I'm not suprisied to say the least

That they both turned out so well

Nuby is so nice and caring

And hanging with Kim is a blast

And as for me

I'm still a writer

But for marriage and kids

I think I'll wait just a bit more

After talking and catching up

I glance across theonce-huge gym

Where the three of usheld hands

When we posed for ourgraduation

The three of us had gone dancing

At ourschool's annual homecoming

We didn't go every year though

But heywho can blame us?

Then I see my teachers

Still so quirky and friendly

But alsoso very old

How the hell did that happen?

Mr. Mornini,

Is a grandfather now

I shouldn't be too suprisied

But I still can't help it

Mr. Gardiner,

Still limps and aches

Nonetheless, there never was such a man

Whocould be asstrong as he is

Mr. Allen,

Jokes and smiles like always

While his wife looks on at him

And shakes her head with her chuckle

Ms. LeGrande,

Is actually married now!

With three beautiful growing children

And two more on the way

Mrs. Levine,

Has just retired

Butalways helps out from time to time

Old habits die-hard I guess

And as for Ms. Bigelow,

My favorite counselor

She still remembers me

As I have never forgotten her

Cracking open a coke

And walkingall around

I am so completelyshocked to see

How everyone has changed

Annie ispregnant

And Carlin is too but they're both stillvery nice

And seem pretty happy to see me

I'll never understand these girls

Charlotte is an actress, however,

With two little daughters of her own

Who smile just as cute and as much

As she used to and apparantly still does

And over there is 'Manda

So quirky and weird like always

She's now a successful billionaire

And lives in Japan with her huge family

And Sergio, not suprisingly,

Is very handsome and nice

He just got married two years ago

And now has a son that looks like him

They all remember, however,

How crazy I had beenback then

I guess I was and am just a little

But they don't need know that right?

Joking on and on

About how much things have changed

The technology, the cars

Hell, even the scenery

Oh no! It'sgottenpretty late

I guess I should be going right now

But there's isone last thing

I just got take care of before that

I go looking around and ask

For some particular old classmates

Whom I've never forgotten

No matter how hardI've tried

R.J., John, Adam, and David,

Blake, Josh, and Meghan,

Ollie, and Torrell whom I've finallyfound

Andthink far back to those days

When they used to tease me

About my personality, and how I looked

Oh dearestme!

How ironic and sweetis this?

Meghan is ten times the size

That she once used to be

When she wore tank tops, mini skirts

And constantly forgot to dye her hair

David at this moment

Is balding and short-sighted

I'd laugh if I could

But he's probably used to it by now

And Blake oh man

This is just too awesome!

He's hooked on drugs

And has been divorced three times

And as for R.J, the man is gay

I hate to admit it

But his boyfriend is waycuter

Then he ever was

And John oh John

He's married and rich

He says that he's happy

While his wife makes out with a waiter

As for Josh

He's on parole

For things I already saw

On the evening news

Adam, oh Adam

The dude's still short

He has no girlfriend

And works at Exon

Ollie, the jerk

Thatused to tease me

About not having a boyfriend

Now has STD's

Last but least, that bum Torrell!

He's doing okay

Considering his wife left him

For his best friend

They gasp and all gawk

As I walk on by

I don't stop to talk

For fear of laughing in the their faces

These were the people

Who once called me a loser?

Man, is life funny

And so full of ironies

Mission accomplished

I walk on out

But I turn once more

To gaze and think on back

I remember the football games,

The dances, the classes,

The making of new friends

And the meeting and filrtingof boys

It once was so nice

To be young and in high school

But to be perfectly honest

I'd sooner rot in hell then go back!