"Why do we shed tears from our eyes?"

"Because they are your soul's windows to the world."

"Why does this hurt so much?"

"All the hidden feelings slowly being opened and unfurled."

"Why now, why like this, why am I so lost?"

"Because you must understand, you are faced with your choices."

"What must I understand?!"

"Your questions cannot be answered by others' voices."

"Please, just tell me why!"

"You must know what it means to choose."

"What the hell do you mean?"

"In our pain, our understanding is forged with our hearts."

"The flames of our suffering is where justice starts."

"In the depths of sorrow we are stained with suffering."

"Giving our struggles meaning."

"Giving us a reason not to hurt others."

"Showing us what comes of hurting our sisters and our brothers."

"But why does it hurt so much?"

"So we remember."

My heart answers.
The tears don't stop.