Author's Note: I wrote this when I was angry in my journal so it really sucks but I decided to post it anyways, just to get it up.

talk nonsensically

but it doesn't matter anymore
school's tomorrow
(but no alarm clock)
Where did I go wrong?
- not anymore -
she does it all just to hurt
she's going there
(away from me)
but I don't care
I hate the music now,
won't listen to it
"look who's the bitch"
it's like being back home
I'm nothing but a hassle for her
(if that)
no love here
so please take the detour!
let's hope
was only trying to help
but I guess she didn't see it that way
no pizza, no fair, no smiles…
i'm not really her rory
only her way
tick-tock, if only someone could kill me now
ten : ten (10:10)
to her, those are just crocodile tears
no sorries (sorry about that)
it's been a not very good summer
"the next five minutes"
she's her own worst nightmare