This is basically a poem about people who cut themselves, dedicated to my BFF. Please R&R!

You said you'd end this crap

This lying, conniving scheme

You led me straight into a trap

At least, that's what it seems

You're still drinking yourself half blind

And you smoke like you'll never die

Don't you know this is all a crime?

Don't you know you make me cry?

It's starting all over again

But you promised you'd end it

It's started all over again

But I'll be the one to stop it

They say they see you smoking pot

Behind the dumpster in the old playground

They say you do it quite a lot

While you're out, supposedly doing your "rounds"

What are your rounds, or was that just a lie?

Cut the crap and tell me straight

It won't hurt anymore; I'll be just fine

But please, I don't have much time to wait

That's it; time's up, and you're done

I'm heading for my room

Watch me and see just what I have to do to run

Away from my problems and you

Out with the knife

Out with the scissors

Out with the stapler and the nail clipper

Out with the sharp-ended pins and the nails

Out with all the demons that'll take you to hell

Out with all the secrets I've been hiding from you

Out with all the rubber bands I've snapped

On me, on my arm, on my legs, and I'll even go as far

As to demonstrate it all if I have to

Here goes the knife

It pierces my skin, tearing my flesh

Whoops! It slipped, and I think I've cut a vein

Oh well, its just another vein

I'm pretty much over the pain

The scissors blade runs down my arm

I sharpened it, just for fun

I like to see how the red fluid flows

Like a beautiful river surrounding my toes

Oh, don't be frightened! It's a regular procedure

I do it every time I need to

It's my getaway plan when I need an escape

I cut myself further into my grave

Oh, you can run from me now

But you won't get far

You can come visit me

At my new home

No, not the mental facility

It's too late for that

Just visit the cemetery

Where you can read those deadly three letters: R.I.P.

All my love,

Empty Darkness