The terrible, burning pain

of blisters on my feet

(Surprised I don't hurt elsewhere);

It's hell walking in

these high-heeled boots all night.


hugging my hips,

and a diamond belly-button ring

for all to see.

20 degree weather,

no coat: that'd ruin the effect.

In the freezing cold, I'm fighting tears,

and the urge to hug myself.

Torn between my need

and the pain ripping me to pieces.

A car's pulling up,

slowing to a stop.

Flip my hair,

fix my gloss,

let my body do the talking.

Bite my tongue as I bend over;

freeze my heart against the life

I lead in the city nights.

Plaster on that fake smile.

Do it for your education, I tell myself. "Hey, baby. Lookin for a good time?"

comes out of my mouth…

And, as I slide into the vehicle

I die a little more inside…