I never told you I love you
b/c I never wanted to lie to you
or get that pinocchio-nose
I told you (nearly) everything
except for those three little words
and I knew through the grapevine
but this sweetness of those grapes
could never last
'cause grapes turn to wine
and wine turns to us with a grin
and now the question is raised
like those walls around us,
blocking, rocking, everything
that we actually did love
and I love (you) hot chocolate
with those mini-marshmallows,
like you'd bring me with just
rose b/c a dozen's cheap to me
so we kiss but it's not on my lips
I can't stop thinking about
still on my mind and those thick
eyelashes with my blue eyes
still trying not to tell those lies
but you keep asking why not
and I keep thinking why
this whatever-this-is just is
love without all that jazz
that plays your elevator music
as we ride up and you ride down
seems to be every goddamned place
and I tell you the answer
to your question before and you
(whydoyouask) look at me like
you reallyreallywish I said something
that you misunderstood
and here is a piece of the truth,
everyday, I reallyreallywish that too
but you're looking at me
(icanttakeitbacknow) and I breathe
those words
and that elevator music stops
you look at me, I look at you
and then you are on that plane,
flying, flying, fucking flying away
there's nothing left for me
there was nothing left for you
except me
now you're landing in Illinois
and I'll be making some noise
as I'm drinking this wine
b/c it's so-so-sour and I know why
and I'm sorry that I lied
(itssocompulsivenow) to you
but I never told you that
eye-love-you (still)
because through the grapevine,
everything turns sour
like this rum I'm drinking,
I should really start thinking
about stopping, but I can't
b/c "hey-he-loves-you"

author's advice: don't let that one get away