somewhere you have never looked, far past

sights of clean wonderbread white loving;

my eyes have their shine in dirty sensuality

bold steps down broken streets I cross borders

Puerto Rico with its rounded speech-chica you

can find me in the tires of junky grey cars and

I fall into the D.R. jalepeños spicy tongue I

embrace the pain enfolded in dented stop signs

perhaps you can touch me through the barbed

wire 'no tresspassing' on wasted brown lawns

the alleyway will close in if you come too close

skid marks tread the fast streets coldly

long to feel the december wind shudder

through you as I did so long ago wrapped

in tatters; shreds of screams; open your

throat to sing as I learned from Ghana

(no sé que cuáles es ése le atrae tan

the dirty sensuality in baggy tshirts?

or the forgotten internationality?)

nothing is so beautiful as the gutter

what is it that attracts you so