Too Much, Too Fast

I'll pick at the places

G-d left you scarred

The little imperfections

No one's noticed

I'll light up your nights

And darken your days

I'm so cold I burn

But I'm too much

Too fast

Maybe I'm crazy

Or maybe it's you

I can't tell up from down

But I'd never let you on

I'll just lead you into nothing

Let you smother under false smiles

The little songs playing in my head are for you

Too bad you can't hear them

Only I can find the one line to fit you

The one tune to sing you

The one look to send you

Because I shoot daggers with my eyes

I stab thorns in your side

Then kiss them all better

And whisper soothing words of blame

Into your distant, echoing ears

So you think I'm your friend

What it means to be an enemy

Keep me close but never let me in

I'll make you too self-conscious

Because that's what I do

When I skip and I sing

You wonder why you don't to that too

I'll tell you why.

I'm too much

Too fast

And I'd gladly pull you off a cliff with me

And then hold you so that I'd hit the ground first

Because I'd never want to hurt you

I don't want to see you crying

I just want to bring you so close to tears,

The salt stings your dull, glazed eyes

I want to wake you up and make you think

But all you think is

'Who is this?'

And you don't even know me

But you'll never forget me