Please don't walk away
I need your strength
Just one more time
Your words are a gift
That I don't deserve
This unforgettable crime

I know that I was wrong
I see that clealy
My eyes open now
I can't recognize myself
What made me do this?
I can't understand how

Time after time
These wounds will heal
I'll carry you away
Word after word
Don't forget me
I'll earn you back someday

You have a point
I'm far from perfect
But I know that this isn't right
I won't let it end this way
If I'm wrong explain to me
Why you're the reason I toss and turn at night

There's no excuse
For the thing I did
But I'm willing to take my beating
I don't deserve you
But I love you
I swear honey no more cheating

This is the lowest
That you'll see me
I'll plead forever just to show that I'm true
This is me defeated
But I won't lose
Don't forget…
…I'll always love you.