What Does It Mean To Love?

Ch. 5: Gross Out!

Belle's POV:

I jumped when a lunch tray clattered onto the table I was sitting at. I'd deliberately sat all by myself, ignoring the glares thrown at me from the football team and cheerleaders' tables.

Oh, yeah, did I forget to mention that Kelly was the captain of the cheer squad? Yeah, my best friend was popular, always had been. But I had just been her dorky best friend until Matt came along. He pushed me to most popular girl in school.

Kelly was sitting beside Matt now, holding his hand and laughing. She turned several glances my way, every time with a smug look on her face. Everyone else in the room was, of course, talking about the scene earlier in the hallway. No one knew whose side to take, however. They'd always gone with Kelly, Matt, and me. But, now, I wasn't part of that group, but I apparently did have the Hamilton boy in my pocket, and his family was the richest in the world.

Yeah, right.

I had nobody in my pocket. They just thought I did because he stood up for me a little bit. And, yeah, I heard about him punching Matt's lights out. I mean, how could you miss the big, purple bruise smack dab in the middle of his face. It was a little too obvious.

So, everyone, for the most part, left me be. No longer were there sympathetic looks thrown my way, but there were thoughtful ones. They were wondering, wondering if they should become my friend and ditch Matt and Kelly, or stand by her and cut me, and my apparent connection with the Hamilton family, off.

And that's high school, everybody, a conniving, twisted land where people constantly tortured themselves over their position on the social ladder.

So, I sat alone, minding my own business and eating my food silently, and suddenly a mysterious lunch tray landed at my table.

I jerked my head up, blinking at whoever dared interrupt my silence.

A blush stained my cheeks when I realized who it was. Dominic Hamilton, the boy I'd kissed within five minutes of meeting him, the boy who had watched as my boyfriend humiliated me in front of everyone, and the boy who I had asked what it meant to love.

Like it hadn't turned out bad enough the first time, when I had let my big mouth get away from me! Oh, yes, I had a boyfriend (who I shouldn't have dated in the first place), and a best friend who both dumped me.

You know, I couldn't help but smile at the irony. Kelly had said I was too good for that jerk, Matt, and then she had been sleeping with him behind my back, and now was dating him, and that was okay? So, he was too good for me, but not for her? What the heck was that supposed to mean?

It meant, of course, that she never truly was my friend.

I sighed, making my eyes concentrate on Dominic, who was scarfing down his food like he was starving to death. I wrinkled my nose in disgust, but wasn't outrageously shocked. After all, I'd sat with the football team for two years, and if there ever has been a more gross show put on, I definitely wouldn't want to see it. It was like a mixture of Fear Factor and the Discovery Channel. Without the cool money rewards or the cute, little animals. In there place, there were hulking jerks who told degrading jokes about women.

Yeah, I'm missing so much, aren't I?

Dominic stopped eating for about two seconds when he noticed me looking at him, so he gave me a toothy smile that showed some tidbits of chicken stuck in his teeth.


How could such sexy guys be so disgusting that you want to hurl?

I just blinked at him, trying my hardest not to show my disgust, but he wouldn't have noticed anyway, as he went back to his meal without another thought, shoveling the crud in his mouth faster than I could blink.

I watched this for about a minute, then finally turned back to my own food. Yeah, I'd suddenly lost my appetite, but that happened a lot because, as I said, I had been eating lunch with the Gross-Out Crew over there for the last two years. Which was one of the reasons I was so skinny.

I shook my head, smiling. Guys always asked why girls never ate anything. Well, maybe it's because guys shovel food so grotesquely that we can't stand the very idea of having anything slide down our own throats.

Dominic finally leaned back, looking immensely satisfied. I shook my head. His tray looked like a tornado had hit and left nothing in its wake, except maybe a mess. I pushed my own almost full tray away, deciding I definitely wasn't interested in another bite.

Dominic looked at me now, smiling, this time without the chicken bits in his teeth, for which I was immensely glad. I smiled back, hesitantly. Finally, I said the question that I'd been wondering ever since his tray first clattered onto the table.

"Why are you sitting here, Dominic?"

He gave me the puppy dog look, which was so endearing, but not quite as endearing as it might have been if he hadn't been chugging whole pieces of meat like breath mints a second before.

"Oh, don't you want me here, Belle? Don't you l…love me?"

He wiped fake tears from his eyes, then grinned at me. I glared back, but I knew he noticed the amusement behind that. But, I also felt a little insecure. I mean, he had just used the L word after all my disastrous moments with the word, and he didn't seem angry about earlier, either.

"You know that isn't what I mean. I mean, why do you still want to be around me, after…well, after this morning?"

He stopped grinning, but still had a smile on his face.

"You mean, when you asked me what it meant to love?" When I blushed, ducked my head, and nodded, he continued. I could practically hear the grin in his voice, "I'm sitting here because I like you, Belle, and I've made a decision. You see, I've decided to teach you."

I looked up at him frowning. I didn't understand. Teach me what?

He looked like the cat who got the cream. I didn't understand that, either. I couldn't make heads nor tails over anything this boy had thrown at me all day!

"I've decided to teach you what it means to love, Belle."

My eyes widened and I stared at him for a moment. No, he didn't mean that. He couldn't mean that! You don't make love a game! It's serious, and it shouldn't be one-sided! This guy is out of his mind.

And that was when I felt the first spit ball hit me in the back of the head. And, oh boy, was it ever huge! It was as big as a baseball, and it was sticky with spit. It hit the back of my head so hard, it sent my face forward to slam into the table top. Which caused the nose bleed.

Which caused Dominic Hamilton, one of the most suave and debonair boys I'd ever met, go absolutely nuts.

Me, I just stared at the furious Dominic, and put my head high in the air to try to staunch the blood flow, and slowly took the spit ball out of my hair. I winced as the stuff stuck to my hair, pulling it. When I finally got the thing out, it dropped out of my hand and into my lap, onto my brand new jeans. The sticky glob left a huge smudge on my pants, and I could feel someone else's saliva on my head and leg.

Uh, can you say gross out!

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