When nothing seems to matter

And the clock begins to tick

When the moon forgets to rise

And the shadows forget to trick

When the doors all seem to open

And the keys fit all the locks

And the clock is ticking over

With it's corresponding tocks

When the sweat runs down my neck

And my heart begins to beat

When my pulse becomes the river

And my mind gives way to heat

When the heart has taken over

And the heart speaks out your name

When my mind paints out a picture

And my cheeks have come to shame

When it's you I only seek

And I have you in my arms

When my hearts begins to beat

And I've succumbed to all your charms

When I have you all to me

And I've found the love I seek

When it's me you only see

And my knees are now so weak

'Tis the time that I have sought

And our voices have now dropped

When I truly have your heart

Truly Time has stopped.