Title: More Specific
Author: Xtreme17nc13
Summary: "I hear them. Every Friday night, it's the same thing..." 1639 words
Disclaimer: They're mine, all mine! Well, they're mine since I changed the names. Does it count if they're real people I know?
Warnings: M/M, Slash, Inc, SoloM (Some Het and M/F) -- Don't like, don't read, don't flame.
Author's Note: Well, this was written after me and my friend did something that was basically illegal and creepy. It started out as basic shower smut, but then it took off on it's own. No shower, but there is smut!

More Specific

I hear them. Every Friday night, it's the same thing. I can hear them through the wall. My bed and Kyle's bed are opposite eachother with a thin wall separating them. I can hear his head-board knocking against the wall. It's rhythmic and would be soothing if I didn't hear the moans and gasps that came with the rhythmic smacking. I'm already nude. My boxers are down near my feet and my shirt is crumpled up next to me.

I guess it's a good thing that Kyle and me have rooms on the first floor and not the second. If that were the case, I'm damn sure that mom and dad would hear the things that go on under their very noses. And I'm damn sure they wouldn't approve, considering every good Catholic is supposed to wait until marriage. I guess Kyle didn't get the memo...

"...Kyle... Yes..." I hear Jenna gasp and my cock hardens slightly at her breathy voice. The sound is followed by a low groan that I just know is Kyle's. I fully harden at that. I guess when it comes down to it, Kyle and me are both some of the worst Catholics ever. He fucks basically anything with two legs and tits; and I get off while listening to him do it.

If anyone were to ever ask me about it, I have a perfect speech planned out, "He fucks some of the hottest girls around. If you heard what those girls sounded like, trust me, you'd jack-off to it!" This such a complete and total lie.

I'm not interested in what the girls sound like. It's my brother's deep, guttural moans that really get me going. And right now, I can hear them. Kyle is groaning a lot now. After listening to him screw slut after slut, I've realized that this is how he sounds when he's about to come. I quickly grab my dick and almost subconsciously match the rhythm I hear from the head-board.

The pace is fast, and I'm being rough with myself. I can't help it. I picture myself in Kyle's bed. That he's fucking me and not some cheap slut that only wants him for popularity status. I can almost feel him sliding in and out of me. He isn't gentle, he could never be gentle with someone. But I would never want it any other way.

I grip my cock until it's almost painful and and slide up and down the shaft. I swipe my thumb over the sensitive head and hiss at the feeling. I'm getting closer and I know that Kyle is, too. The knocking through the wall is getting more frantic, more desperate. It's over to soon, but not soon enough. I hear the deep sound tear it's way out of Kyle's chest, and it's too soon. I spill into my hand and quickly wipe it on the shirt next to me. But I know that it was Jenna, and not me in his bed. It lasted to long for me to deal with.

I rollover and try to shut my brain down. I can feel the guilt in my chest and I know it's wrong, but I can't help it. I love my brother, but I want him more than anything. I would probably give anything for just one night with him.

I hear his bedroom door open and then the front door open and close. None of them ever stay. I know from experience that he won't be back in his room for another fifteen minutes at least. He always takes a shower and changes his sheets before going to bed. So, it kind of surprises me when I hear a light knock at my door.

I debate on whether or not I should say anything, but I don't have too. Kyle is already opening the door and at the moment, I am so happy that I am my side, my back to the door, "Brandon!" Kyle hisses at me. I decide to feign sleep. I would be to embarrassed to say anything to him right now, "Dammit, Brandon! I know you're awake. Answer me you little shit!"

I roll my eyes, even though I know he can't see the gesture, "What?!" I hiss in annoyance.

"Oh, don't even get all 'better-than-thou' right now. I could fuckin' hear you!" The accusation was easily enough to recognize.

Shit. "What the fuck are you talkin' about?" Stay calm, just play dumb and deny everything. He has no proof...

"Don't act stupid, you know damn well what I'm talkin' about! You we're getting off while listening to me and Jenna fucking, don't fuckin' try to deny it. I'm not deaf!"

I didn't even think to say anything back to that. There was nothing that I could do that would save me. Well, there probably would have been, but I just wasn't in the right state of mind to think of it.

"I knew it. You liked the way Jenna sounds, don't you? How she practically begs for my cock. You know, her pussy is no where near as good as her mouth. Her pussy's about as wide as a hallway. Can't even get me off. But she has a mouth that works wonders. She knows where to lick, when to suck harder, ya know?" I colored at his words, and I felt myself harden again. I could have cared less how good Jenna could suck dick. I was more interested at listening to my brother talk about sex in general.

"Then again, maybe you don't know. Are the rumors around school true, Brandon? Are you still the lone virgin? Waiting for that one special girl to fuck? Well, news flash, Brandon! Every girl is the same. If she's not using you for money, she's using you to get higher on the food-chain. They're all sluts, ain't none of 'em worth waiting for," the last bit was kind of whispered, like he had been waiting a long time to say it.

I pushed myself into a sitting position and locked my eyes onto his, "Then why do you fuck whatever comes along? Why do you give them exactly what they want if they're just using you? Huh, Kyle? Why are you such a fucking man-whore?!" I was breathing heavy by time I was done. This is what I had been wanting to say to him.

I saw a smile grace his lips, "Why do you care who I fuck and why I do it?"

I knew there was something more to that question, but I didn't catch on right away, "I don't care! I was just pointing out a fact, Kyle."

"Hmm," he replied with a slight raise of the eyebrows, "You still didn't answer my question."

I sighed in annoyance again, "What question?"

"Why, exactly, were you jacking off while me and Jenna were fucking?" he said it slowly, like I wouldn't understand it any other way.

"Well... uh... Jenna is... " I stuttered, trying to think of an adequete answer for him. It wasn't working.

"Don't lie to me, Brandon. This has nothing to do with Jenna. You want me, and I know you do," I watched as he left the doorway and came closer to me, "You want me to fuck you so hard you won't be able to sit for a week. You want me pounding into your virgin ass and to be at my mercy. You want it so bad, you can hardly think. Am I right, Brandon?" Kyle cocked his head to the side and looked at me.

"How... how did you know that?" I stuttered as I swallowed the lump in my throat. Kyle was probably going to kill me for this, but that thought didn't even take away from my painful erection.

"Only girls keep diaries, Brandon. And only people that want their thoughts read, keep their diaries, or 'journals', " he cut in before I could say anything, "under their mattresses. You wanted me to see that just as bad as you want me to fuck you right now," Kyle was kneeling beside me on the bed now and all thoughts left my mind.

"I... I... " I began before a finger was pressed against my lips.

"Shh..." he leaned into me. His lips just centimeters away from mine, "I want it to," it was the smallest of whispers, but I heard, just before his lips crashed against mine.

The kiss wasn't loving or tender. It was needy, passionate, rough, demanding, and just so... Kyle. Everything we ever wanted was poured into this kiss. Almost like it was going to be our first, last, and only. God, how I hope it isn't our only.

His calloused hands are running down my chest now. Scraping over my hard nipples and I moan into his mouth. The feeling is incredible and I don't think I can handle it as he pinches the sensitive nub between his thumb and forefinger. I arch into the touch and cry out in pleasure.

"Mmm, relax..." his hands travel farther down and tease the hollow of my hip. Light strokes and not quite where I need it. My cock is just so fucking hard right now. I need and he knows it.

"...Kyle... please..." I hear myself gasp. I would have been humiliated had this been under any other circumstances, but I just didn't care right now. I needed release.

"What, Brandon? What do you want?" his lips are suddenly against my ear, whispering and nibbling. Damn my sensitive ears...

"ANYTHING! PLEASE!" I scream in desperation.

"Heh.. you should learn to be more specific.." suddenly he's off the bed. I look up with confusion clearly etched in my eyes. He throws the bottle of lotion from my nightstand at me and walks out the door.

The next thing I hear is the shower running and I collapse against the pillows. Next time, if there was a 'Next time', I would be more specific.


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