In the arms of dawn

I wandered through the waking world,

Following those gentle dreaming lights.

These shimmers behind my eyes,

They are the sole remains, you see,

Of my dreams of you.

I let them guide me

Across the dreamless land of green,

Holding patience' hand as I went.

Slowly those glimmers faded

And I was struck blind,

Feebly feeling for traces of you.

Reaching out aimlessly

I pulled any light to my dark eyes,

Frantic for a fool's paradise.

As one would fail, I'd bring forth another,

So deseperate for that vision.

Just a dull glimmer of you.

That too fled in time,

Leaving behind a thousand memories

That I'd drag beneath the heavy velvet.

I couldn't see the stars here.

Steadily, I forgot all about shimmers and glows,

Then tucked you away.

You were dreaming too,

Waiting quietly for my glimmer to appear.

When it did, you reached out

Taking my hand and restoring the lights.

Enveloping me completley

Gentley leading us into the dream.