Small Sacrifice

Why can't you let me be?
This is your problem not mine,
You pressure me so much
That I used to lie and say 'I'm fine.'

I really tried to ignore it
Hoping it would blow over,
But I was just fooling myself.
I was drunk then but now sober.

You can certainly be sure
That I'm frustrated right now.
I'm hating myself and you.
Fix your own damn vows!

I can no longer think straight,
My torn heart literally aches.
Yes, I know I'm the eldest
But I'm still a child for heaven's sake

This is not my problem
Or so you tell me.
This is affecting me so much
Are you blind, can you not see?

This is a war you both are fighting
I'm a civilian caught in the crossfire.
Why can't you trust each other?
Will your bickering ever tire?

This is my fault I now believe
That I might as well die
It's one less mouth to feed
After all I've learned it's useless to cry.

If I die will you notice?
I pray you do as my last request.
I stare at the knife.
I'm sorry for my final bloody mess.

I watch you all weeping from beneath the glass
But at least I know you're now whole.
If I had only known this is all it takes
I would have hastened the departure of my soul.