I saw them enter one by one

and leave in rays of setting sun.

I saw them flying to the stars

and fall into each others' scars.

I fought so earnest to defend her

who to this day they won't surrender.

They say "she's ours"

but are the stars?

She still has them,

she's their gem.

She's their money, she's their life,

made life sunny by their strife.

Since they locked her in my tower

since her birth and dying hour

they've been captive, will always burn

die to live and it's their turn

to see the prison from the inside

confront what from which they can't hide.

They say they're not on her side,

yet she is their only pride.

Hypocrisy in ending evil,

they're the ones who need the devil.

Gaining from those poor girls' deaths

elated as they take in breaths

scented in the blood of old,

in horror stories ever told.

But the saddest one of all

is the one that tells her fall.

For now who stands to punish their sin,

to make sure liars never win?

They'll always stick to their sad story.

But they still need Erzebet Bathory.