Note: The story you are about to read is the second in a series. It will probably make more sense if you read The Tempest Team 01: The Coming Storm, before reading this issue.

However, since I understand the laziness of the average fictionpress browser (And I am speaking from experience here), I have composed a brief summary of everything you need to know that happened last issue. And I've put in my little advert blurb as well. I think I might make it the story's official catchphrase/paragraph/thing.

Enjoy! D

- Anya

You want action?

You want danger?

You want excitement?

(All with a hint of lemon?)

(Not that kind of lemon! . I have a 9 rating!)

Then join the adventures of The Tempest Team, superhero protectors of Opidan City!

If travellers from other dimensions, mermaids, aliens and government conspiracies are what you crave, then read on…

Last time in The Tempest Team:

Government Agent Munroe brought them together to become Opidan's first superhero fighting force. They would carry out sensitive government missions, lower crime rates, protect the innocent - all that jazz.

One problem: Their leader is a knight-in-training from another dimension who was dropped in Opidan via a warp hole of some kind during a huge storm, and another member of their team is secretly an alien. (And when did the rest of the team find all this out? In the midst of their first mission. Nice…). Okay, perhaps that would count as more than one problem…

Anyway, during their first mission (Infiltrating and exploring a secret lab beneath a warehouse) the aforementioned leader, William, was captured and experimented on, causing the growth of two large wings in his back. They also rescued and recruited another test subject, who turned out to be a mermaid.

The scientist behind the experiments, Dr Convosa, had been researching the effects of a mysterious power-crystal upon living tissue (Under payment by a mysterious person calling themselves Chrone), and unfortunately escaped before the team could apprehend him. His lab assistant, Erica Everett, was buried along with the aforementioned crystal when the warehouse collapsed.

Sound interesting? Then read on, my fine friend, for fun, fighting this fast frenzy of a fictional work!

I love alliteration...