this little story came about because junior high schools have stupid essay subjects and my sister just happened to show me hers

Dreaming A Mystery…Maybe

It all started with that one, mysterious phone call.

DunDunDun. Yeah, cheesy right?

I know what you all are thinking; really. I'm insane/paranoid/…mentally unbalanced?


Insanity! la de da!

Ahem… sounds cliché, right?

Okay… ignoring that. It all started with this phone call, and believe me when I say it was freaking creepy. I had just gotten home from Mind Torture Central (i.e. high school), when my three little brothers all came bursting through the front door, screaming at the top of their lungs. My mother soon followed, holding her head between her hands in an attempt to drown out the screeching of 7-9 year-olds, muttering under her breath about something or other.

Well, this day had actually started as a fairly ordinary day, even the screaming brothers part. What was far from ordinary was that, right after my mother, my father entered.

See, my father usually works until about eight at night, so seeing him storming in through the front door in a fit of rage in the middle of the day was a bit strange.

Anyway…he stormed through the door after my mother, grabbing her arm in a painful grip and dragging her off to the kitchen where they usually had their arguments. I had never heard such foul language in my life (and that's pretty bad, considering my school). Almost immediately, I ran to my brothers and ushered them outside before their tiny, distracted little minds could begin to absorb what was going on inside the kitchen.

I have no idea how long it was before the house was quite again, but by the time I allowed my brothers back inside, the house was filling with psychotic, adult laughter.

I will never understand my parents, and I will never try. They have a bad habit of turning their arguments into insane, laughing fits…

I have a feeling they do that just to get us out of the house…

By the time I saw them again, their cackling fit was long over and they were both dressed formally; my mother in a deep, shimmering blue dress and my father in his customary tux.

"Going somewhere?" I asked sarcastically, raising an eyebrow slowly in inquiry. If they heard me, they didn't show it.

They didn't even see me standing there until my father tripped over my outstretched foot, and then Mommy-Dearest gave me her most sickeningly sweet pout, and my bored, you-people-are-so-immature voice answered with, "Yes, I will watch the children."

It's such a sad, sad story…

After the parents were gone, I immediately set to getting the brats…oh, I'm sorry, my oh-so-lovable brothers into their baths, knowing it would be impossible after dinner (just out of curiosity, does popcorn and ice-cream count as dinner? Didn't think so…). Fortunately, the boys are relatively neat eaters.

Miracles do happen.

After dinner, while the boys were hard at work at their vid- ahem, homework, the phone rang. I fully expected the phone to ring about this time actually, for Mom was paranoid about leaving the little kiddies at home all alone with their poor, defenseless (insert snort) big sister.

So when no worried Mom's Voice immediately answered, I almost hung up. I really almost did- the receiver was resting only a few inches above its resting place- except at that exact moment, all three boys and even their game went completely silent, and I could just make out shallow, pained breathing on the other end of the line. Just a little freaked out, I lifted the phone back to my ear and tentatively said, "Hello?"

The breathing on the other end went eerily silent, and as the moment stretched, I felt sweat beading on my brow and trailing down my back.

I was just about to hang up again- I really should have; it could have been a cereal killer (cocoa puffs beware!)- when a nearly inaudible voice began whispering- sounding as if it was coming from somewhere other than the phone- a strange little poem-ishy thingy that made absolutely no freaking sense in my humble opinion.

"Night falls and darkness…envelopes…as all light fails…ringing shatters…silence overwhelms…fractures rea—"

And then the line abruptly went dead. The only thought running through my mind was, what the hell?

At least the sun still rose in the morning…not that I'm ever awake to see the sunrise or anything…

good? bad? strange? opinions anyone?