This is it! The last, the final, the end! And just in time for the end of the semester! Hope everyone who made it this far enjoyed it.

I'll miss these two…

White. Everything was white, and there was an aggravating beeping coming from somewhere near my head. I had a feeling I should know where I was, but it just wasn't coming. Denial maybe? Possible. My eyesight was fuzzy, like when you get up in the morning and you can't really see all too well because your eyes are dry and it takes a lot of blinking and tear-action to get them moistened again. Mine were disgustingly dry, and so was my mouth. My brain was fuzzy too. Ick.

The beeping was pissing me off.

I blinked, and a snort came from the side opposite the beeping. I think I'd rather stare at the white ceiling; gain a new appreciation for all things colorful. Damn hospitals.

Oh. Hospital.

Well shit.

Ugh, I needed a drink.

"Oh sweetheart, you're awake!"

Pain meds would be lovely as well.

"No kidding," I croaked, wincing at the sound of my voice. Dying frogs, anyone?

"Oh, honey, I was so worried about you!" Hi mom, nice to see you too. Now will you please stop choking me?

"Mom, I need oxygen to breathe," I gasped, pushing pathetically at her chest as her arms tried to squeeze the life from me. She sat back reluctantly, sniffling and wiping her nose on the back of her hand. I tried to smile, but don't think it quite made it.

The confusion may have had something to do with it.

What the hell just happened?

Ugh. "How did I get here?" I asked blearily, blinking rapidly again. Before she had time to do more than open her mouth the door burst open and two nurses and a doctor came in. They seemed surprised to see me here… or something…

"You're awake!"

Or… that?

"Okay, seriously. What is going on?" I think the confusion was justified. After all, last I recalled, I was… I was… Wait, where was I? Shit, my head hurt.

Shouting voices ran by the door, frantic. I glanced in that direction. More whiteness. Blech.

"You were in an accident, sweetheart," Mom said tearfully, wiping her nose on a sleeve. "During that nasty storm six weeks ago? The bus driver lost control; the bus flipped and everyone else was okay but for my POOR BABY GIRL!!!" The last was said on a wail. I covered my ears. I always knew those machines were death traps just waiting for the right opportunity to send a load of innocent children to their doom. I guess I'll never be taking a bus again. Nope. I suppose it explained the strange fascination my family seemed to have with wheat that day.

Wait a second…

Six weeks?!

"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN, SIX WEEKS!?!" I screeched, abruptly throwing myself into a sitting position. Hmm, didn't feel weak at all now. I turned a glare on my mother and the doctor and nurses.

"Honey…" my mother began weakly, but I was having none of it.

"You're joking, right? It couldn't have been six weeks, because if it had been six weeks then that means I've lost an entire grading period at school and I'm going to have to repeat the grade and do summer school and I couldn't have been here six weeks because I was just a little bit ago I was with Ab…" Oh shit. Oh bloody freaking monkey shit. Where's Abyss?


It was all a dream. Or so my parents and the doctor said. It made sense, apparently, because my little brothers thought it would be the most brilliant idea to bring in their favorite story books and read to me while I was conked out on the hospital bed. It did explain a lot, I'll give them that. Like, why all the evil guys/chicks were idiots, why there seemed to be several unresolved issues- damn horses never did kill the bastard, Abyss did it and suddenly the show is over. So basically, the entire mess was the fault of my brothers. And all the crap from my pockets? Gifts, apparently, from friends and family. Yeah, they're all nuts.

I wanted to burst into tears.

But there was no time for that. A few days later I was released from the hospital. I felt uneasy the entire time I was aware while there. After I'd fallen asleep that first night, I was woken by the sound of annoying nurses gossiping worriedly outside my door. Another wreck victim, fault of some drunk bastard in a semi of all things, only this one had been in the hospital for over six months, in a coma, apparently originally believed to never wake, other passenger in the car, a woman, the adoptive mother, was killed instantly. So sad, so sad. And apparently that night, just before I woke, the victim had suffered some sort of heart failure, and last they heard was unlikely to make it. Had called in an uncaring blood mother because there was no one else. Way to depress a person.

Then the next two days were just… something felt off, and I couldn't place it. My brothers decided to be helpful and carted off all the gifts and cards and whatnot that had accumulated. Then my parents kept coming and going, alternately bawling out their brains or trying to make me "more comfortable". I didn't see any of my friends, but that was to be expected because it was Test Week and they were all studying like crazy- and the hospital wouldn't allow it anyway. I would have preferred to be unconscious still.

A week later and I was allowed back in school. They weren't making me repeat a grade or anything, but I did have a lot of catching up to do, and a crap load of homework sat untouched on my desk at home. I wasn't interested. They said the depression wasn't unusual in these circumstances. None of them knew why I was depressed though. I didn't expect them to. After all, it was just a "dream".

I was laying on my bed about two weeks after I woke, staring at my ceiling, when Eric came in, shutting the door softly behind him and giving me a look that clearly said "I don't know what's wrong with you but maybe I do and it's driving me up a wall so I'm finally just going to ask".

"Was there a guy?" he asked meekly.

And I froze. And I gaped. And finally I just nodded.

He nodded too. "Okay, because I had this weird dream after the accident and you were back but it wasn't just you but you had to leave again. And then I couldn't find that stupid bunny shirt afterwards, and the guy was… he was… Is that why you're unhappy?"

I blinked.

He flushed, then burst out with, "I don't know! I just remembered and I don't know but it just seemed like maybe that was it because I read this book once where someone fell into a coma and they met a bunch of other people who were also in comas and whenever one of the people woke up they wouldn't always remember what happened while they were sleeping but sometimes they did and and I…" he trailed off. I grinned- halfheartedly, but better than nothing. I decided right then there was no more time for being depressed. It was making my brothers miserable too.

"Like that time you were sick and you dreamed I little and was in a dark room and some evil old lady tried to turn me into some strange monkey creature?" I asked, and he nodded his head slowly. I could only hope in that dream, I was a royal bitch. I do remember myself at that age, and will freely admit I was a bit of a temperamental monster.

There was a boy there too, wasn't there…?


The final grading period of the school year began the following Monday. They decided the last one wouldn't count against me, but at the end of the year they would be administering a test to make sure during the last weeks I would be caught up. I was sitting in my history class, head on my arm and pencil doodling absently on my notes. I was bored, I already knew all the information, and my friend Robyn, sitting behind and to the right of me, kept poking my leg with his toe. I was ignoring him, much like everything and everyone else. I was tired, I didn't want to be here, and I couldn't erase the nasty feeling in my chest. Poking me was doing nothing to put me in a better mood, despite what Robyn thought. Or course, one of his main purposes in life was to annoy people, so I guess I couldn't really blame him.

Not the point though.

Bottom line, I wasn't paying attention. Even when the door cracked open and the teacher dropped his rambling speech, I was too tired to look up, and the sky outside was just such a brilliant shade of blue…

"Uh, class…" the teacher cleared his throat. I shrugged to myself, uncaring. "Uh, we're bringing in a new student for these last few weeks. Uh… just try to be nice, right? Um, I suppose you can introduce yourself, if you…" Silence for a moment; my eyelids drooped. Tiiired. "I mean, sorry, yeah, note says… okay. Okay, class, this is Mr. Holo… Holo… I'm sorry, I'm not sure how to pronounce it, just… right, um, okay, class, this is Abby. He'll be here the rest of the semester, and next year. He was held back –" a few snickers; I could feel the man's sudden glower. Robyn poked my leg again. I grunted. "It says here he's being held back for medical reasons, and if you would all be so kind as to be patient and understanding, he's having some speaking difficulties and has been encouraged to try not to speak for… for however long… Uh, you may take a seat, there…"

The room was silent for a moment, until I heard mystery guy plop ungracefully down in the empty desk up and to the right of mine. I sighed.

Then Robyn's voice spoke up in my ear, "Do you see that guy's tattoo? Holy monkey poo, I can't believe they're allowing that!" He poked me again. I finally lifted my head, scowling, before turning my head to see what he was so hyped up about.

The new guy was wearing a white shirt, and you could see some sort of dark design beneath it, almost like wings, but… distorted somehow, and stretching over the right shoulder and up the neck, curling behind an ear. The shirt was riding up slightly, revealing a sliver of shiny burn scars just above the hip.

I blinked rapidly, and then I looked up further, to the not blonde but definitely… silvery white… hair… and faint violet lines on the suddenly visible pale face, and wide silver eyes confused/not confused, recognition slowly dawning…

"Holy barbeque skewers," I whispered, and then I was out of my seat and throwing myself at him.

He caught me. I grinned happily, ignoring all the looks the others were giving me. "Hey, sugarplum, I knew you weren't dead!" I cheered, hugging him tightly.

He didn't say anything… but I felt a painful tug on my head, and when I leaned back, he had a smirk on his face, and between his fingers was a single strand of dark hair.


The End.