Letting it go

Written by Felicia Spencer

AN: Well here's another angsty one. As you can see I'm in full angst mode again. So just read and enjoy. Laters.

How could I have ever thought

That you were in love with me

Love is a feeling two people share

It's returned for all to see

I think I was infatuated with you

I still am, and that's a shame

You'd think by now I'd be over you

I shouldn't even remember your name

Love is such a fools delight

You're foolish if you believe

I see it for what it really is

A trickery left to deceive

I do not mock what I don't believe

I just won't be fooled again

Love is a foreign stranger now

That I'll never know in the end

I thought that you really loved me

I was wrong I now admit

I'll let you move on with your life

And I carry no regrets

Not even for the love I have

The love that you denied

But if letting you go will set me free

I'll do that with one last cry