Ch. 8

Leyene had trouble sleeping that night. The next morning though, she was thumbing thorough some papers in a trunk in her room when Eloise came in.

There was a note for her.


I'm sorry, but there's been an accident. David has broken his arm. Please return home quickly. He calls for you.

I love you.

D. Ordeon

"Oh dear!" Suddenly Lady Trently was in front of her clucking. "Oh dear." Leyene was embraced and then ushered into a chair after some chocolate was called for.

"My dear, can I be of any use? Is everything ok?"

"Yes.. my father.. how do you know?"

"He also sent me a message. Shall I accompany you? Could I be of any use to your father or yourself?"

"I'll be fine. Thank you."

"Then I should stay?"

Ley smiled, "For now. Thank you."

"You can leave as soon as you like. There a carriage waiting and we can send Eloise to accompany you as well as two of our attendants. Just give the word.

"I should go quickly."

"Very well. I'll go down to see about some food you can take on the way. I'll send in a few maids to help you get ready and then just take a few things you will need immediately. We will pack the rest and send it after you."

"Thank you."

"You are most welcome, my dear."

A half hour later Ms. Ordeon was ready. That was swiftness indeed even with three maids at her command.

They stood at the entrance beneath the great stairs about to go outside where her carriage was waiting.

She had been given her hug by Lady Trently and had everything she needed, but she didn't move.

"Everything alright?"

"I was wondering. Might I say goodbye to James?"

Truly Lady Trently's was aghast. Her facial features weren't as schooled as her sons especially in the morning.

"I'm terribly sorry. He left early this morning. I should have mentioned earlier. How could I have not mentioned it? Inexcusable! He definitely shouldn't have taken off like that. It was urgent and I'm afraid, he was under the impression you wouldn't mind. I'm terribly sorry." She repeated looking frustrated and slightly uncomfortable.

"It is fine of course." Leyene replied calmly. And then kindly to the older lady she embraced Lady Trently.

Moments later she was off. She waved goodbye knowing she had the entire way home to think about a kiss.

David was restless and in pain. Too late she realized the value Lady Trently's presence would have been, as she'd have three children and was probably use to hurt little boys.

His nurse had had a number of children as well. She told them that he needed some fresh air. So they had their butler Merv carry him to the fishing hole where they fished and told stories and ate pastries that were brought out from the kitchen.

Mercifully he fell asleep quite early and was taken up to his room. Exhausted herself, Leyene searched out the nurse yet again. "That was wonderful! He was kept busy and his mind was kept off his arm, but…"

"We need a whole new diversion for the morrow." Mammy finished for her.

"Yes. Any suggestions?"

"Playmates?" Mr. Ordeon questioned Leyene.

"Yes, that's what she said. I agree with her, but how do we secure some."

Her father looked at her painfully. "It's as if it is a business proposition. I guess it is. Everything is now… Marriage… even friends."

He took her hand. They were sitting in his study two chairs drawn close together on his side of the big mahogany desk. Despite Leyene's putting things in order ever so often, her father insisted it was unnatural and it never lasted long, so his desk was a mess.

Leyene loved it though, the whole room, old books comfortable chairs, and her father.

He continued. "I'm sorry. This is quite a position to be in isn't it? Your mother would have known what to do."

The thing they were both thinking, but neither spoke aloud exactly was the awkwardness of being not of the ton, nor of the peasantry. They had money but it was "new" money and not enough to keep up with all the trends of fashion or to launch them into elite society. This wouldn't have really mattered, except it was not couth to spend a goodly deal of time with the common.

Little David's plight was all of theirs and was a particularly messy quagmire. If he played with the boys in the village he would get wonderful friends, but might pick up bad habits and then there would be the embarrassed moment when the boy and his friend got old enough, if they weren't already there, to feel the difference of their situations from their clothes, diet, education… and then oh dear. A friend from a higher up family would snub him and might be a completely spoiled infant who has neither morals nor restraint. The opposite problem would ensue of status. Even so this could not even happen if someone would accept an invitation from "new money."

"It might have been better, if we had no money." Leyene's father said almost bitterly.

"Don't worry. We'll figure something out." She said pushing his food closer to him. "It might have been easier if we had no money, but this ways not for the faint hearted either. It can consume you and besides this is just a trial we get to figure out. We'll get it right!"

He smiled and picked up his spoon.

It all sounded good, the young girl knew, but they were going to need help.