Oh, can you not curb it?


sallow jellyfish,

a viscous tablecloth

or throbbing eyelid.

The smooth counterpart

shadows whole hearted,

suspended, arrant,

in Caribbean waters.


No adroit motive

lengthens you.

My elastic ribcage


and elliptical rotations stir.

A looted star shudders and

thickens the air,

sickening din of union

the fickle focus



I blew myself faint,

an aging nymph.

My voice disperses,

bodiless, sparse pollen.

You plug yourself

in my haloed water glass.

Drifts downward,

crystalline intestine,

searing tinsel

brightens the sinewy scratches.


My frown muscles clash

and pin my features on

a crueler woman.

A pinched expression, peel

the obstinate bud,

puncture and shunt the plexus,

preserving scavenged carcass

in processed distress.

The moons intersect, waspish and petulant,

so cross eyed,

perceiving what

ends mark the schism. Roll them.