Shivering alone

On the coldest winter night

Blue lights glow in the dark skies

She moves silently from place to place

Trying to find somewhere to call home

Running away from where she grew up

The house that holds too many painful memories

Tales of being hurt, beaten, broken

By the drunken hands of her father

A mother who was never there, never cared

Escaping one deadly world and entering another

Where drug addicts inject and the homeless beg

A man grabs her from behind, the past floods back

Crying, unable to control her emotion

Sobbing in the back alleyways of Melbourne

Can't go back, can't go forward

Selfish for wanting this life, right to run away

Someone offers a syringe, she accepts

Not thinking straight, seaching for a vein

Releasing the poisonous sunstance, suddenly she's alive

Life is bearable, reality is no more

Slipping into bad habits, prostituting for relief

Guilty for betraying her values, happy to be free

Forgetting the past, losing track of the present

Dependent on something that could dispose of her

Building up resistance to the drug, the effect wears off

Needing more to destroy the thought of homelessness

She takes a shot, and then another

Time exits her mind, she becomes dizzy and faint

The world is blurred, she blacks out

And no-one's there to save her

Dying in the back alleyways of Melbourne