My alarm clock went off. It was 7:45 am.

OH MY GOSH! I'm late! I can't believe this, I kept repeating over and over in my head.

It was my first day at Cape Bay High. (I'm a senior though). Besides being new in town, I was going to be late. I grabbed the white halter-top and pulled it over my head. I did the same with the black hoody I found in the still unpacked box of clothes. I had moved only a few days ago and my parents decided to enroll me right away.

I had already missed two whole weeks of school and I was like, "Another week wont hurt and plus I won't concentrate as well. I'm jetlagged!"

And then Mom went off saying, "I don't care. Studies come first in this house…Blah blah blah…" She made no sense what so ever.

It was a struggle getting my jeans on, and even worse my black converse. They were the high-tops and it took like forever to get them on. I love them though.

Socks! -almost forgot. I couldn't find any that matched so I ended up wearing one of my rainbow toe sucks with another sock that said, "My feet don't stink". I ran to the bathroom and practically cracked my head open with the sink when I tripped over the rug. God was that rug old. It supposedly belonged to my great, great, great grandmother from Ireland.

Yes, I'm part Irish and Italian. My dad is Irish and my mom is Italian. That's why we argue so much. My mother and I, I mean. It's the Italian blood in us. Italian fury I always say.

I looked in the mirror and stared at my reflection. I wasn't the most hideous thing, but I did have my moments. I also had my good moments when I actually did look attractive enough to get a guy to ask me for directions. Once it happened. The guy was really cute. Tall, black hair, blue eyes. For a moment there I thought he was going to ask me for my number. Yeah right. This was back in Florida where I lived most of my life.

Sixteen years to be exact. They weren't bad years to tell you the truth. I had this one guy like me and he was in special Ed. It was sad. I can't remember his name so I'll call him John. Well, John would ask me for my number and I was like I'm not allowed to give it away. It was pathetic.

This one guy who I had a crush on, William, back then was cracking up on me. I liked William a lot. I don't know why though. He is everything I'm not looking for in a guy, but he is all I can think about. Well nothing will ever happen to us since I "snitched" on a fight he was going to be in. I so didn't snitch on him.

William and some other guy had to stay after school because some girl told on them. He automatically assumed it was me. I can't believe he doesn't believe me. The only reason he thinks it was me is because I get along with most, well, all of the teachers. That is so unfair. William's mother hates me too. This entire snitching thing happened the day of parent-teacher night. I wanted to talk to him alone and try to explain to him it wasn't me. But then his mother, which was rude and all, said that they had to leave. She gave me that I hate you look. The look that hurt the most was from William. He looked at me as if he was disgusted just looking at me. I was truly hurt.

Okay, maybe most of my life was bad, but there was that one time when this decent looking guy had asked me out. I didn't know him. I only saw him on Sundays when my family and I went to church. Unfortunately, I broke his heart - literally. I could hear him crying in the bathroom church.

When I was done doing I needed to do which included brushing and flossing my teeth, combing my hair and putting in a ponytail, putting on my "feminine products on", headed downstairs.

7:54. I opened the fridge and took out a Capri sun. Why didn't anybody wake me up? So typical of them to leave and forget about their daughter.

It's like Home Alone, when they leave poor Kevin all by himself for the holidays. Now that was just wrong. How can they forget about their son? Right when I was about to open the door and leave, I felt like I was forgetting something.

My keys! My parents weren't going to be home till late and I obviously have no friends so where would I stay. I walked towards the school, which wasn't too far. I finished my so-called breakfast. I slowed my pace because I didn't want the smell of my perfume to mix with my sweat, which makes it stink after wards. Don't ever put perfume after having gym. It only makes matters worse.

The campus was huge. It looked more like a university than a high school. This just means that there will be more people here. I don't know what is worst. A lot more people to hate me or ignore me. Either way I'm screwed. I doubt I'll make friends soon. I'll be the girl who has to sit in the back for like two months until some "caring" soul feels sorry for me and says "you're the new girl right?" I've only been the new girl for the past two months, but it's all good.


I hope this school doesn't have that "cliques stay together" and "if you are a rock, you are on crack" thing. That is just pathetic. I stopped in the center of the campus, trying to remember from the last time I was here, which door lead to the senior hall. Ah, found it. I was already late as it was so a few extra minutes wouldn't hurt.

I took my time walking across the campus to the black double doors and adjusting my hair. First impressions always count. Teachers at my old school had always liked me. I was their prodigy. I skipped the first grade and then again third. On graduation day I was awarded with the most talented award. But other than the smarts I have, I have no clue what to do in the outside world. I'm very innocent to tell you the truth. There was this one time someone asked me "what's poppin?" and I was like "I don't speak gangster". I was lucky I wasn't attacked right there or should I say, "jumped".

I was reaching for the door when all of the sudden it flew open and hit me straight in the face.