Blushing Bride


He bolted,

Crashing across the windblown asters

Cold fingertips of fear running down his spine

Grasses slithering, swiping at his ankles

Fingers rigid with the memory of

Leaving his tie round her neck

Doing a crazed dance of guilt, panic


Until that moonshine-scented wind blew him

Off the edge.


"Till death do us part", he'd said

While pearly intoxication whirled around him

If only he'd known.


All he heard was the rip-roaring tide.


(And there Carrie lay

In her coffin of waving prairie grasses

Blushing a beautiful blue up

At the summer night sky)


A/N: Don't you just love the word "prairie"? I do!! Haha.

Anyways, I'm not too sure about this…I think there are too many breaks. Does anyone need me to explain what happened here? I know it's pretty vague…

Constructive criticism would be very much welcome!:)