Do you believe

Written by: Felicia Spencer

AN: This is a poem that I decided to write, after writing on this very subject on a forum board. They asked the question Soul Mates: Is it a myth? This poem spawned from that idea, and no I don't believe in soul mates. Maybe once upon a time I did, but as I said in the forum: It's like a fairytale to me. Anyway review and let me know your thoughts on this particular subject. Enjoy your read. Laters.

I don't know if there's a such thing

As two people being called soul mates

It seems as if it's a fairytale

Ordained by the hands of fate

Can you really tell me this

That two souls can intertwine

Two minds, two hearts, together in love

Two lives forever combined

So I say this is truly a myth

Because love can't be that strong

Not when I suffered from it's loss

Now tell me that I'm wrong

I know that I might sound a lil bitter

And that's really not my intent

But I just wanted to clarify

On why I had to vent

If soul mates exist then tell me this

Why are there lonely people in the world

Because if soul mates truly existed

There'd be no lonely boys or girls

When did love become so perfect

It's a question I hope you understand

For soul mates clearly understand each other

It's all in the masterplan

Well forgive me for not believing

My heart has been broken too much

I don't believe in what I can't see

Let alone in something I can't trust