C a i n


D e v i a n t


"Why am I not loved...?"

"Why does everyone only love you...?"

"...Maybe when you're gone, they'll love me too..."

"What do you think about that Abel?"

The narrow hallways of the hospital were barren this time of day. On one wall, there was a row of windows which let the pale, late evening light in. Yuki turned the corner, walking down the hallway slowly, stopping briefly to glance out one of the windows. Outside, the sky was a whole mixture of colors. Yellows and oranges just beginning to merge into pinks and purples; it was getting late. Though he had been working all day without pay, he didn't seem disappointed. He gave a small tired sigh before he continued down the hall towards the elevators.

The elevator doors opened as he pressed the down arrow and he stepped inside. He stared bored at his reflection in the metallic doors as he waited for them to open again. He was young, only sixteen years old, with brownish blonde hair and sapphire eyes. Today, he was dressed casually in jeans, and a navy blue sweater. Yuki was smaller than most boy's his age, short, narrow shoulders, and a slender frame. Some of the other boy's at his school often mocked him for those features, but Yuki didn't really mind; he knew he was a strong, hard worker.

Gripping his bag in one hand, he walked out into the main lobby, passing two chattering nurses at the front counter. "Good night ladies." He smiled politely at them as he passed by, exiting the hospital through the glass doors.

The nurses waved at him, smiling brightly. After he left, the first nurse turned to the other. "He's cute! Is he a patient?"

"No, he works here." The other replied.

"Works here?! But he's just a kid!"

The second nurse laughed faintly and shook her head. "That's Yuki Minase. He volunteers at the hospital."

"All ready so late..." Yuki muttered to himself as he walked down the sidewalk. By then, the sun was completely down and the streets were dark. Since he lived in a more quiet part of town, the streets, like the narrow hallways in the hospital were barren. "I'll take a hot bath when I get home." He decided; all those hours of wheeling people in wheelchairs around the hospital were murder on his young back.

The autumn night was very calm, slightly warmer than it had been pervious days. The leaves had changed color, but clung persistently to the trees. It reminded him of how he used to wait all fall for the leaves to fall, then ran outside to rake them up just for the chance to dive into the yellow, red, and orange piles. Everything seemed so much better to him when he was a kid...

The streets were eerie at night, causing him to get slightly paranoid. Like most children, Yuki was afraid of the dark when he was little, however, unlike most of them, he never grew out of it. He hurried along eagerly, just wanting to get back to his apartment and turn all the lights on, and to reward himself with his bath. Staring down at the cement sidewalk as he walked, he silently scolded himself for being so childish. 'You know this part of the neighborhood is safe, no one even goes out this late at night...'

A sudden noise caught his attention, causing his heart to skip a beat. He stopped dead in his tracks and peered through the darkness of an alley way nervously. There were two people there, one was a woman; he could tell by the obnoxiously bright dress she was wearing, that stuck out like a sore thumb even in the dark. The other figure, looming over her was a man, his face obscured by his long shiny black hair.

Yuki blushed and sighed quietly in relief. Obviously some young couple getting some alone time. The woman's back was against the wall, mess of black hair from her companion blocking out her face as he stood, leaning over her. Yuki's blue eyes narrowed slightly in annoyance; he got all worked up for a young pair, planning to do god knows what in something as filthy as an alleyway? But then again, students in his school have done such things in the bathrooms... the main reason why he refused to use them. But something about the scene in front of him seemed odd to Yuki. The woman wasn't moving, her arms hung limply at her sides. Almost as if she was.... dead.

The man pulled back from her, his face still blocked out by his smooth dark hair. Almost instantly, the woman's body slumped down to the ground lifelessly. Her eyes glazed over, her skin papery white, and her neck bleeding. Yuki stared at the two, wide-eyed. His mouth opened as if he wanted to scream, but he felt as if his throat had closed up. He tried and tried to get a noise out or at least turn and bolt away, but it was no use; he was paralyzed with fear. His mind was frantic. 'I'm next!. He's going to see me! What do I do?! Why can't I move?!'

It was then the man turned to face him, a small smirk formed on his bloody lips as he saw the blond-haired boy. A pair of crimson eyes glistened through the darkness at Yuki, sending a wave of fear through his body. No human had eyes like that, only monsters in fairy tales; it was like staring into the face of the devil. As soon as the man took at step towards him, Yuki gained control of his body again. Not even having the time to scream he turned and let his legs carry him as fast as they could, never looking back, and silently praying that that thing wouldn't follow.

Straight to his apartment he ran, sprinting up the stairs instead of waiting for the elevator. He zoomed down the hallway, stopping only once in front of his room. He tried a dozen times to open the door until he realized he had locked it. In this state, he couldn't even think rationally. His hands shook as he frantically searched for his keys, then tried another dozen times to get it into the keyhole and open the door at last. Heart pounding wildly in his chest, he locked the door and ran to his windows, making sure each and every one was locked before he calmed himself and sat down on his bed.

Panting, Yuki crawled into his bed, pulling the covers over himself. He reached over and turned on the lamp on his dresser before he hid under his blankets. He reassured himself that no one could get in and hurt him. After a restless hour, the young teen finally fell to sleep. In his current state of fear, he forgot to even change his clothes for bed. It seemed like a hot bath like he dreamed of all day, was out of the question...

That night, had to have been the worst night ever. Yuki slept lightly, ever tiny sound or the headlights of a car flashing through his window, woke him instantly, his heart racing. But the worst part was, he couldn't get the images out of his head; the dead woman's face, the blood on the man's lips, and most of all, those gleaming red eyes. Often, he would dream of the murder that night, or dream of that man finding him again. Each nightmare he had that night made him wake up, panicking, then take several minutes for him to fall asleep again, only to have more awful dreams...

He eagerly welcomed the morning, thankful that he had survived the long night. Slowly, he got out of bed and walked into the bathroom, taking off his clothes. Looking back at last night, he felt embarrassed that he forgot a simple thing like changing his clothes for bed; he didn't even take his sneakers off. Yuki turned on the shower, waiting for the hot water to kick in before he stepped in and closed the shower curtain. It wasn't a bath, but at least it relaxed him slightly.

After his shower, Yuki dried off and got dressed in a pair of jeans, a T-shirt and a pull-over sweat shirt. Never once did he let his mind wonder back to last night's events. As he leaned against the counter, waiting for his bread to toast, he began to debate whether or not to go to the police. He was still afraid. His mind began to drift despite his wishes. What if that man came after him? He would definitely try to kill him if he reported him to the police... Besides, surely they'd find the body in the alley along with some DNA samples right? He convinced himself that the authorities were completely capable of handling this situation, and that he would no longer have any part in it. 'They can call me scared all they want, but they haven't seen the things that I have...'

Slowly, he walked down the street, keeping his face glued to the road. He shivered faintly, wishing he brought a coat. Though it was fall, all ready it was starting to feel like winter. Yuki rubbed his arms to keep warm, hoping he'd arrive at the hospital early enough to get a hot cup of coffee with milk and lots of sugar. The nurses were always kind enough to make some for the other staff in the morning. Maybe they'd even have doughnuts.

His gaze shifted up to the rest of the city. The streets looked different during the day; there were plenty of people going off to work and cars driving by, beeping their horns if they were late. The traffic was one reason why he never wanted to own a car, but there were plenty of other reasons too. They caused pollution, they were dangerous, he would need to buy gas. Besides, he never needed one anyway. Everywhere he needed to go was in walking distance, and he never really thought much about leaving the town.

As Yuki approached the alley from last night, he tensed and walked on the opposite side of the street. Though he didn't want to look, the flashing lights of the police cars and the ambulance parked on the side of the road forced him to. He moved closer nervously, curiosity getting the better of him. He spotted a man wheeling a stretcher with a blanket over it out of the alley. The blanket that fell over the stretcher, clinging to the body under it, giving it the shape of the dead woman hidden underneath. The man got careless, the wheels hit the curb as he approached the ambulance, sending the stretcher jerking up into the air briefly, the blanket slipping off to reveal that same horrific face of the woman from last night.

Yuki froze there, his blood turning icy in his veins. This was a lot closer than last night; the sun giving off every detail of death on her face. Cupping a hand over his face, he stumbled back, feeling sick to his stomach, then weak in the legs. His vision fogged and he felt as ifthe whole world caved in on him. His slender legs finally gave out from under him as he collapsed, unconscious on the pavement.

"Are you all right?" Deep blue eyes fluttered open at the sound of a voice. It was deep and masculine, yet soft and smooth. Yuki looked up, regaining his senses. A tall man dressed in white looked down at him. His long black hair fell over Yuki's face like a curtain as he leaned closer to him. The light from the room reflected off the man's glasses, making it impossible for Yuki to get a good look at his eyes.

"...What?" Yuki sat up slowly, looking around the familiar hospital room. He stared as the man's pale hand moved to the side of his face, pressing Yuki's eyelid open with his thumb and index finger gently before shining a small light into them. Yuki pupils contracted in reaction to the mini flash-light.

"Such lovely eyes." The man gave him a smile before he released his face. "You seem to be fine. We were all worried that you hurt yourself when you collapsed, but all you had were a few minor scrapes and bruises." He pointed a finger to a Band-Aid he had placed earlier on the side of Yuki's face.

Yuki rubbed the bandage on his cheek as he looked up at the man curiously. "Who are you?" He knew most of the people that worked at the hospital, but he had never seen this man before.

Another voice answered for the man. It was one of the young female nurse's from yesterday that knew Yuki. "Yuki-kun, that's Kyogi-sensei. He's the new doctor here!" She smiled, looking at him from her chair. "The police say you fainted when you saw a murder victim they were bringing in." Her expression changed to a frown. "You poor thing."

"Magi-san, could you be a dear and check up on the other patients while I continue examining him?" The doctor smiled at her. Magi agreed and stood up, waving to Yuki before she left the two alone and returned to her duties. "So... You volunteer here?" Dr. Kyogi turned to the boy, pulling up a chair beside him. "You'll need to get used to sites like the one you saw if you want to work in a place like this..."

"Well I don't have to see anything gruesome if I volunteer here... All I do is prepare rooms for patients, bring them food, wheel them places, and deliver things here and there." Yuki smiled at him, despite the uneasiness he felt inside whenever he looked at that man. "I really couldn't be a doctor, or even a nurse... To tell you the truth, I don't know what I want to be... but I know I don't like blood."

The doctor tilted his head in interest, crossing one leg over the other. "Why do you work here then?"

"I... don't need a reason." Yuki fidgeted uncomfortably. He looked a lot like... that murderer... "Maybe I just like helping people..."

Dr. Kyogi chuckled faintly and shook his head, obviously amused by something Yuki did or said. "I see, how cute." Two slender fingers moved up his face as he carefully pulled his glasses off, eyes staring into the boy's sapphire ones. They were blood red... "That's very admirable, Yuki. Not many boys your age would do something so generous."

'I knew it was him! He's come back to kill me!' Yuki shot out of his seat, staring in horror at the doctor's eyes. "I have to get going! I-I have to go home and study for a test and run some errands!" He bowed nervously to Dr. Kyogi and hurried towards the door.

The older man merely smirked at him. "Be careful, Yuki. Oh, and good luck on your test." Those words echoed in Yuki's mind as he rushed out of the hospital and back to his apartment as fast as he could.

Yuki sat at his desk, staring out the window, feeling bored. He had his books open just about all day, but couldn't seem to concentrate on his work. All day, he seemed to only be able to think about the doctor. Who was he? What was he? Did he get a job at the hospital because Yuki worked there?

The sound of his stomach growling snapped him out of his trance and made him blush."I guess... I should go get some food..." He muttered to himself hungrily before he rose from his chair and grabbed his coat and scarf, heading out into the chillyfall evening outside.

It was dark outside as Yuki left the grocery store. Luckily, the sky was clear and the moon was out and shining brightly, which took away from the eeriness of the city at night. Still, he shuddered, wishing he had someone to walk home with for once. After what happened the night before, he was surprised he even had the courage to step outside again.

Gripping his bags tightly in one hand, he headed towards his apartment, wanting to go where he knew it was safe. Echoing foot steps in the distance made him start to move faster, nervously. Still, the foot steps persisted, driving him insane. Yuki stopped abruptly and turned around, looking behind him. There, stood a woman with brown hair hanging in her face. Yuki smiled and sighed in relief; he was expecting it was that man again.

As he turned around to continue walking, the woman materialized in front of him, causing Yuki to drop his bags in surprise. She looked up at him, eyes the same crimson shade as Kyogi-sensei's. The woman opened her mouth, a pair of sharp fangs clearly visible as she hissed at him.

"Not you too!" Yuki cried out, turning around immediately to run away from her. He ran just as fast as he did the night before, though this time, his fear didn't anchor him to the ground. Down the street he ran, looking for somewhere to hide. 'What's going on in this city?!' He didn't have to glance behind him to figure out that he was being chased, for a loud hissing noise and the sound of high heels on pavement were a constant reminder.

As she drew closer, he noticed a church. Churches were always open, right? Though he wasn't a religious person, Yuki decided to go for it. Besides, if monsters like Kyogi-sensei and the woman chasing him were real, maybe angels were too. Pushing hard against the wooden doors, he hurried into the church with a pant. He ran towards the alter and hid behind one of the pews. 'Why is all this happening to me?!' As he heard the doors open and close he tried to calm down and control his breathing.

The she-devil sniffed the air like an animal would and appeared on the other side of the church. Yuki stared at her in horror and gasped. "Impossible!" Before he could react, he felt his throat being grabbed by the woman's clawed hand, his slender form pulled up to his feet. Yuki cried out again, struggling and coughing. "Stop it!" It was no use, this thing wasn't human; how could he ever hope to negotiate with it? She didn't even acknowledge him; she bared her fangs hungrily and moved closer to Yuki's neck. "No!" He screamed. "Help!"

"Like wild animals when they're newly born, aren't they? Always hungry, vicious, and wild. I despise them all." Yuki heard a familiar voice and turned his head weakly towards the alter. The doctor stood there, leaning casually against the alter, dressed in a black trench coat and black pants. "You poor thing, so vulnerable and helpless. I must say, I'm a little jealous that I can't be the first to get a taste of you." He smirked at Yuki seductively.

"Please! Help me!" Yuki continued to squirm. Next to himself, the Kyogi-sensei was the closest thing to a human in the building. Even monsters had feelings too, right?

The doctor grinned, brushing a few raven bangs out of his face. "You need my assistance? Well, what's in it for me? I'll gladly rescue you from this foolish little slut, for a price." He eyed Yuki closely, waiting patiently for an answer.

A deal with something like him? It wasn't a good idea, but Yuki felt like he was ready to pass out any second. "Ahhh!" He cried out loudly as the monster in front of him moved her fangs closer to his neck. "A-ANYTHING!" Tears formed in the corner of his eyes as he gave in and chocked his answer to the doctor.

The doctor closed his eyes, looking satisfied with Yuki's reply. "Very well, it's a done deal." He snapped his fingers, fire blazing out from scattered candles around the church. He extended his hand towards the woman, the flames swarming around her almost angrily, engulfing her instantly. "Burn in hell." The woman screamed as the fire surrounded her, scorching her skin. She dropped Yuki and fell to her knees. Her body burned for only a minute or so before it turned straight to ash, unnaturally fast, if she were a human.

Yuki fell backwards, gripping his neck and panting. His eyes closed and he turned his head away in order to avoid the site of someone being burned alive. As the screams from the incinerated monster died down, Yuki shuddered, wondering if it was all over. In an instant, the doctor was in front of him, offering him a hand up. The blond slowly opened his eyes and stared up at him. The deal... oh no... Why did he promise him anything?

Hesitantly, Yuki took the hand and was pulled up by strong arms. "Who are you?" He dared to stare into the man's eyes. They weren't as frightening as they were last night, when they seemed to glow in the darkness. He wondered what gave them that color...

"My name is Cain." The man grinned at him, his arm wrapped securely around Yuki's waist. His hand cupped Yuki's chin and tilted his head up. "Anything hm? I can think of many things I would want in return for rescuing you, but the taste of your blood is tempting me the most at this moment..."

Yuki shivered as he felt Cain pull him closer, his slender frame pressed up against the larger one. "What are you going to do?" He closed his eyes, blushing. 'He's going to hurt me I knew it! I was probably better off with that other monster!'

"You needn't worry; I'll only take a little..." Cain closed his eyes as well, his lips moving close to Yuki's neck before he extended his fangs and dug them into his neck gently. He could feel Yuki gasp and cry out in pain, his almost feminine hands clinging to his shoulders and digging his nails into them. He could taste the blond's sweet blood in his mouth as he sucked on the wound he made on his neck.

The searing pain in his neck was overwhelming. The puncture wounds on his once flawless neck burned as Cain sucked gently, extracting the blood from them. Just like the time when he saw the dead woman on the stretcher, Yuki's legs trembled, threatening to give out from under him. Soon, he felt too weak to protest or to push him away. Although Cain promised not to take that much, he still felt himself grow dizzy at the lack of blood. It didn't take long before his eyes closed and he collapsed into the man's secure arms.

Cain withdrew from the boy when he felt his legs gave out from under him, and caught Yuki in his arms. This time, he was careful not to get any blood on his lips. He gave a soft chuckle and picked him up in his arms. "Maybe I over did it somewhat... But I was right, I knew you would taste perfect..." He brushed some golden locks of hair out of the sleeping boy's face. "Well, let's get you home and tuck you in shall we?" He laughed to himself as he carried Yuki down the aisle of the church, on his way stepping on the pile of ash left behind from the wench who almost got a taste of the boy before him.

"Such a cute boy he is... I think I'll keep him." Cain muttered, looking down at Yuki with a smirk before he stepped out into the night.

End Chapter

To Be Continued....

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