My hidden love for her.

I hid my love when I could not bear the buzzing in your eyes. I hid my love to my despite. Till I could not bear to look at that light. I dare not gaze upon your face. But still I left my memories in that place. Will you kiss and abode my love good-bye. When you met my in the greenest dells, where dew drops pearls the woods bluebells.

The lost breeze kissed your bright brown eyes. As the angels kisses went singing by. A sunbeam found a passage there a gold chain around your neck so fair. As you and I were laying there. As secret as the wild long. I hid my love in fields and in a town. Till even the breeze could not knock me down.

You seem to be singing ballads. And the love buzzing around a lonely heart ear. Wilds nights were I with you. Wilds nights should be our luxury! Futile the winds to a heart in port done with the compass done with the charts. Rowing in Eden ah the sea might I but moor tonight with you. Cause its all I have to bring with me today.

This and my heart beside this and all my heart and all the fields and all of the meadows wide. Be sure you count, should I forget someone the sum could tell. This and my heart and the love which is in the clover dwell. I lost a world the other day. Has anybody found it? You will know it by the rows of stars around its forehead.

By Ronald Campbell.