Famine of the Cauliflowers

By Emily Wright


Because radishes were to predictable,

I decided to write about its close relation,

The Cauliflower.

(End Forward)

On a sunny, hot day

The sun glares down

And the white-headed cauliflower sleeps

In the dry, cracked ground

There has been no rain here for months

And the cauliflower's sisters and brothers

Are crying for nourishment

The cauliflower is in a deep state of meditation

Escaping the raging famine

That so slowly dries out

Their vegetable spirits

The only thing that has fallen from the faded expanse of sky

Are weary birds

To hot and tired to travel any longer

To exhausted to return home

To feed their young

The cauliflower dares not hope

Lest it be disappointed

Yet again

The cauliflower dares not dream

Only to be let down

The cauliflower does not dance

It might break into a million pieces

So it stays in a blur of slumber

And one hour fades into the next

The cauliflower is forlorn and delusional

All of the long days,

And all the bitter nights