Rendition of the Road Less Taken

English 9

By Emily Wright


(Part I)

Through the haze of black hate

I stumbled

A road

A traveler

And there I stood for a while


The perfect union of

The road and the gypsy

The monotonous, melodious, numbling, rumble

Of a vagabond's wagon

Which no longer

Exactly remembers

How long it's been on the road

The Contradiction

(Part II)

One path faced open sky

Faded blue denim,

Just like I wore to school

A well worn road

Dusted heaven, a

Haven for the weary

A nostalgic trip to my youth

A trip back home

Because I forgot my lunch

Because I didn't kiss my mother good-by

Because the dogs were still chained up in the barn

A lifetime of memories

The other was secluded


Daunting the mundane ness of my

Adolescent life

This trail was willing

And it could go

As far as I asked

Showing me the future

What could happen...?

What if…

What if…

(Oh, how I wanted, but shied away)

So standing there at the crossroads

I waited for my dreams to form


Milkweed fluff in my mind

And I started walking