Yami and Hikari.

One means darkness....

The other light....

For without the light,

There is no darkness.

And without the darkness,

There is no light.

The light creates shadows.

The shadows creates light.

Darkness protects the light from harm

And from harming.

Light protects the darkness from being seen

And from seeing.

One as dark as night.

The other as bright as day.

Will one live without the other?

Can one survive without the other?

Yami and Hikari.

Blend together so beautifully.

Like poetry in motion.

Like the midnight sky.

The night as darkness....

The stars as light....


Can one live without the other?

Is it possible?




Makes the midnight sky

And the beauty of an art.

Light and Dark.

One can't be seen without the other.

For they will forever be intertwine.

Forever alone.

Forever together.

'Til eternity ends....

Which is never.