Unequa (Great Spirit) by writerforever

Dedicated to the Cherokee people, my ancestors.

Unequa, we are afraid

They come with their guns

They come with their hate

They come to destroy us

Unequa, please save us

Please shield us from them


Unequa, we are starving and dying

They have put us in camps

We are hated by them

Unequa, hear our cry


Unequa, they have forced us to make a journey

We are traveling by the hundreds

Many are dying on the way

We cry tears of grief

Unequa, accept the spirits of our dead brothers and sisters


Unequa, hear our cries

Unequa, hear our pleas

Unequa, take away our pain

Unequa, please let us return to our homelands


Unequa, it is you alone who can save us now

Unequa, bestow on us your grace

Unequa, gives us strength to make this journey

Unequa, please hear our mournful cry