Inspiration To Self
10 December 2005
2:57 A.M.

I ask myself, Do I have what it takes?
Are the words I've put to paper good enough?
Will I ever be great?
I look to those I admire, Longfellow, Blake, Angelou.
And I ask myself, Will I ever be as good as you?
Dickinson, Wordsworth, Poe,
Will I ever reach as far as you did go?
Alfred, Lord Tennyson, Frost, Shakespeare,
I'll never reach your level, I fear.
Like the Tyger burning bright,
Are my dear dreams near enough in sight?
Like the lives of great men remind us,
Will I leave inspiration behind in my magnum opus?
Like all good poets such as Langston Hughes,
I won't drop my pen; I refuse.
I'll keep writing until I can write no longer;
My dream will grow even stronger.
Oh, the images my pen will create
I will not worry.
I know I'll be great.