(a/n: So, here's a synopsis of the details behind the people in this newly written poem: Lindsey is/was (?) a great friend of mine, like an older sister, she's the first person I told about my cutting, but something happened to us and we completely lost contact over the past 3 months and it really hurt and...

Kari was the 2nd person than kind of found out about my cutting, and she was really helping me to stop, but then she told my boss and after that pretty much stopped hanging around me or talking to me or anything and I don't know why...

Pelto is the boss, and we have never talked about what he knows about me, which really bothers me, and he hasn't done anything about it either, which is why Kari told him because I need help and he was supposed to, yeah...

Nikki is a close friend of mine that doesn't know that I cut, but she and Kari caught me slamming my head into a concrete wall after a solo gone wrong about a year ago (for a more complete story on that read the poem entitled Talent Show), and I sang a solo this past friday night for the first time since then, and I was wigging out because I was so nervous, and she chilled me out because she didn't want that to happen again, but she just thinks I was mad, she doesn't understand what I was really doing or why...

Otherwise I guess I'm just talking to people around me in general, and I think the rest is probably pretty self-explanatory. I'd appreciate some feedback, I can even handle flames as long as their honest...)

Screaming Alone - in sets of 4 (quatrains), sry, but this quickedit thing is such a bitch...

by Elektra

Tears slide down my skin
But nobody sees
My soul screams out
But nobody hears > > > >

Why can't you see?
What do I have to do?
This has to stop
I'm calling out to you > > > >

Lindsey where did you go?
Why didn't you follow your instincts?
Don't fail me! I need you, I need help!
Before I become extinct > > > >

You have to get me out of here
I can't do it on my own
The pain is so domineering
I can't even let it be shown > > > >

Kari what have you done?
Why did you let me go like that?
I was trying so hard

The walls were breaking fast > > > >

I've always cared about you
I trusted you in so many ways
But I wasn't what you needed
So you just threw me away > > > >

Pelto what is wrong with you?
You were supposed to help me!
Am I too much for anyone to handle?
Something's not right, this just can't be > > > >

I don't understand what happened
Did you put up the tightrope or did I?
We can't talk anymore and now
I just keep slipping away past your eyes > > > >

Nikki, don't you get it? I'm all alone!
You saw, remember? You were there
I wasn't mad, I was out of control
That's just not normal, don't you care? > > > >

I'm sick, Nikki! Can't you tell?
Please you have to help me
Is everybody blind and deaf?
I'm screaming, Nikki. See? > > > >

What do I have to do
To get myself help?
I can't keep doing this

There's no soul left to yelp > > > >

Do I need to scream
Or should I cry?
Do I need to bleed
Or should I die? > > > >

I'm always left alone in pain
Why is everybody leaving?

I can't stop bleeding > > > >

Please! I'm crying!
There's so much need
I can't find the words
But no one's left to heed > > > >

What do I have to do to get help?
Just tell me and I swear I'll do it
Can't you see this heavy hurt I bear?
Fine then, come on, there's nothing left, I can take another hit > > > >

There's gotta be more
This can't be the end
Why is everyone else happy
While I'm just left for dead? > > > >

There's nothing in the mirror
My heart and my soul I just can't find

Everything is turning grey and empty
I can't stop loosing my mind > > > >

God, don't do this to me!
I can't live like this anymore.
The pain, the need, the blade, the blood
I'm always left screaming alone > > > >