The Aftermath

I cried today

And the day before

And tonight I believe

That I will cry more


Every night that's passed

Since you stole from me

Has been sleepless and

Tormented, set me free


No justice will ever help

The hollowness inside prevails

I see your face so vividly

A pain like a bed of nails


My tears replace my smile

Innocence shattered forever

I never asked for what you gave

Yet you continued your endeavour


My heart so empty inside

That I cry every night

No one understands me now

None can sympathize with my plight.


My lover, my closet friend

Neither can help when I cry

Nothing changes, I just ache

And wish over and over again to die.


It's been five years and still

I'm hardly healed inside

The nightmares still come to me

I'm left wishing that I'd died.


I feel everything again

The stabs wounds, the pain

The loss of my innocence

And the icy chill of the rain.


You left me bleeding in the rain,

You took what I'd been saving

Now I cry and beg forgiveness

On my knees at night, I'm praying.


Praying for forgiveness

Of my impurities

That were forced upon me

By your insecurities.


You raped me five years ago

And have done so every night since

For what you did, you evil man

There is no recompence.


My lover tries to heal me

He tries to keep me safe

But the damage has been done

To this broken waif.


I cannot speak up about

The things you did to me

Instead I wake up daily

Hoping to find reprieve.


Tainted Muse

11th of December, 2005