Random night we picked.

Your finger tracing the calendar,

Your eyes closed.

Landed on a Tuesday.

Great – had to cancel my babysitting.

Had to call up my grandma, told her

I had babysitting to do.

Had to forget Movie Night with my girls.

Crazy of me – what else'd I do for you?

School started and ended,

As quick as the breeze through my hair.

Crazy day.

Little I knew

Crazy night, too.

We got out of the car.

Who were these people

I was within?

Oh – friends.

Your friends.

Saw the pink neon lettering

That was so bright

It was kind of like white:

Pub Jackson.

And the bulb dancing within the glass

To the music

That sounded like bursts of air.

Each beat like an explosion.

Where were you?

Come on, let's go in first,

A freckled-face redhead held her hand out.

We stepped in from the night,

Into a darkness darker than night.

Lied about my age.

I was getting deeper.

Don't worry,

She worried.

We entered the bubble of lights,

The bubbles of light.

Purple, and red orange,

Soda green and crazy color after crazy color

After crazy color.

Color all the faces crazy.

The colors changed so fast

It was crazy.

Colored the shirts and jeans

And skirts

And legs and shoulders and backs crazy.

We all blended in like chameleons,

Yet we weren't chameleons.

The environment was crazy colors,

We were colored crazy.

The air we breathed in was the crazy music,

We danced to the music – the air all inside our bodies.

Is this for real?

I pulled myself into the middle of the room

Where everyone else was.

I was alone,

But that's not quite true.


We were all the same –

For today, tonight.

We were all in the same color.

How easy it would've been to hide

A person within another person,

A freak within the normals,

A normality within the freaks.

We were all the same

That there was no need to run.

Our hair didn't matter,

It'd be messy at the end anyway.

It didn't matter who I loved,

I could love every guy,

And we'd rub bodies,

Because when the night is over

It's over.

Life should be this.

Everybody's the same, actually, inside.