Never again

When I sit alone I wish I wasn't there

All this pain I wish I could cut away

All this hurt I wish I could slash away

Alone in my room where everything is a reminder

It all in my head I wish I could hurt myself

I wish I could cut away my agony

The door is locked and the blade is there

I hope that you won't care anymore

I hope that you never cared at all

I see the blood falling from my wrists

I regret it more than you can see

I regret all the happiness it causes me

When I sit alone afterwards

I wish I never told you anything

I wish I could do it once more to say goodbye to you

When I cried about it the day after

I hoped that it would all go away

I hoped that you would never find out again

When I killed myself that night

I said goodbye to you

I said I wished I'd never hurt you

When I woke up in hell

I regretted it all again and again

I regretted ever leaving you

When I said I was sorry

I meant it

I will never do it again