January 23rd, 2007… Three days later, but I still find that something is wrong with my body. Inside that chamber, it was like running through a four-speed movie of my entire life compressed into a year. I saw my father again in my mind; him and my mother, side by side as they smiled and played with me from where I was laying in my crib.

I saw Leslie Mooker. I remembered how she had saved me a year ago when my old school was attacked by Ajax's top employees. Employees – I was told – that soon became the top leaders of Ajax's rival company, Halifax Industries. Typical irony.

Then my mind showed me to Jared, and Michael, and how we met. How Jared insisted in helping me, regardless of how insane my uncontrolled 'memories' seemed. And how Michael hated me in the beginning, only to become the closest thing to a brother I'd ever had…

And then there was Shana, who was my attendant days ago in the lab. She had my feet and Jared had my arms and they lifted me onto the stretcher and then onto the helicopter. She sat by my side, crying tears of hope while holding my cold hands. She was the only person to show me care on that entire ride back to America in the hold of the chopper.

And finally… Morgan. God loves Morgan; that's obvious to me. Morgan is all about self-sacrifice, never selfish. Since the beginning, she and I always seemed to have had this trust-bond between us, and I will always feel secure for as long as she's nearby.

I'm so glad we brought her back, I found myself thinking as I climbed up the steps to a yellow house just outside Denver, Colorado. I turned around and looked nervously at Michael, who was sitting behind the steering wheel of Jared's jeep. He nodded to me and winked and I felt warm again as I turned back to the door. I knocked three times and waited. My mind very quickly began screaming for me to turn and run, but my body held me still. I ran my hand across my scalp, wanting to fix my hair just in case only to depress myself again in another realization that I was bald from the chemicals in the water…

The door opened and a woman came into the doorway. "Yes? Who are you?" She asked. Behind her, a tall, burly man stepped up behind her and waited for my response.

"Natasha Young?" I asked, trying to sound younger, but it was no use.

"Yes, that's me." She said, brushing back her bangs. The man – a man I found later to be my new step-father – looked at me suspiciously, and I couldn't blame him. "Can I help you?"

"Yes," I said, trying hard not to cry. It didn't work. I threw myself into her arms, startling her a bit, but she wrapped her arms around me as I hoped she would. "I'm home, mom."

"Yes, Coran," she said, her voice filled with awe, "Yes, Coran; you are."

Behind me, Michael reversed the car from the driveway and drove off toward the city skyline. As for Michael and the others, their adventure was just beginning, I knew. As for me, well, it was time for me to retire, and retire I did.