carly wraps her arms around becky's shoulders and whispers jamie's name over and over, harsh and cold against becky's bleeding heart that beats in fast rhythms that scare the doctors who give her prescriptions for valium and prozac and ritalin so fucked up she laughs and laughs and laughs and draws a black glitter heart around the mole on her collarbone

she laughs


she cries

& carly grins with smudged blue eyeliner and red mascara into beckys mirror that is shattered from where jamie punched it one time with valium ritalin prozac sour apple martini cocktails swimming through her and beckys lips on her neck whne she crashed and burned like a shooting star into carlys arms and carly smiled into beckys fear

"love you


love you"

& beckys head rests on carlys indian crossed legs and she cries against carlys white slut skirt while carly hides a smile against the bedspread.