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I am a Pirate


We won the battle.

Of course we won. No general's soldiers could surpass the crew's loyalty to Shane or their willingness to fight to the death for their captain.

We lost men, but our losses were nothing compared to those of the shocked general. When the battle was done and the deck littered with dead and unconscious bodies, our small crew crossed the boards and ropes onto the swift English vessel.

As we sailed away, barely triumphant but still alive, the fever of battle left my blood. Suddenly, my mind was filled with the cold, true, images of the men I had killed and vomited over the side of the ship. But I did not regret what I had done.

I do not regret what I have done.

That night as the winds pushed us steadily towards Portugal, I followed Shane up into the crow's nest. We did not watch for squalls of storms, but nestled together on the small floor space of the lookout. Shane leaned her head against my shoulder contently, and we looked up at the sky of stars framed by the circular walls.

I was struck with how small we all were, how insignificant our ship was under the vastness of eternity.

Shane kissed my neck and I pulled my arms tighter around her.

"Christopher?" She whispered my name softly, her lips grazing my ear.


"I love you." The whisper and the words sent thrills down my spine.


And here ends my story. I have given you my confession, I have poured out my soul. Now that you have heard my recounting, judge me as you see fit but remember this:

I do not regret anything. I have killed more men then I care to think of, but I will do it all again for her. Shane is my captain, my friend, and the love of my life. To leave her and return to a life of empty lust would be to kill myself.

Shane is my everything.

I love her. Love her, love her, love her! Think of me what you will, but I will not deny what I have done, I will not shy away from what I have become for her.

I am a pirate.