Always The Seasons by writerforever

Dedicated to all my friends. I love you guys and I hope we can always stay the same : ).

A photograph

A journal entry

A familiar face

They all bring back to my mind

Memories of the past


Things used to be so simple back then

It all seemed to fit perfectly

I had you and you had me


Friendships were strong

And love was never wrong


Our days were filled with the warm summer sun

Our nights were filled with starry skies

And catching fireflies


We'd race through the green fields

We'd swim in the river

Life had been so simple

So beautiful

So innocent


Things have changed since those days

Everyone seems to be growing up

They're leaving their childhood behind

But I can't let go of the past

I long for time to freeze

I long for things to go back to the way they used to be


I want to go back to that time

When love was beautiful

And hate was far away

I want to go back to that time

When I had you

And you had me

I want to go back to that time

When we enjoyed life

When there was no tears

No sadness

No anger

And friends were always true


Things are changing though

I can't stop them from changing


But no matter what changes

There's something that will never change


There'll always be the seasons

There'll always be spring, summer, fall, and winter

There'll always be the seasons…