Silent Escape

The title was inspired by the fictionpress author 'silentescape'. Cool name:-) And the poem was inspired by my parents going mad! lol. Dedicated to fiction books in general, especially trashy romance, freaky horror and crime. Review plz?
- - -


I've heard it all before,

It's the sound of my parents fighting,

But I don't seem to care anymore.

Indifferent, immune, I just walk away,

Close the door to my bedroom and sigh,

Cuddling in a corner, I pick up a book and read,

Knowing it'll never be alright.

I'm not crazy in suggesting that it's a fake,

Just hollow threats and meanigless nags,

'Cuz I know they'll never split cuz of us,

They're tied to the house with all the bags.

I find it strange that once I got upset,

And felt fear and terror at the thought,

That my parents would split and me and my brothers,

Would be abandoned and worth nought.

Because now I know it's part of the deal,

That you accept when you get married,

Even though these trashy romane novels,

Suggest a different ending to the one I've carried.

These books, paperbacks, romance, comedy, crime,

Are my getaways and silent escapes,

Where I can absorb the feelings of another character,

And pretend to have all it takes.

I can be brave, clever, perfect, beautiful,

And make it through all the mist,

I don't have to be me, a typical teenager,

Or a freak or a weirdo- there's more to the list.

I can have all the friends in the world,

Feel respected, admired and looked upto,

I can battle the forces of darkness,

Or find a perfect guy to be mine for true.

I can fly, do spells and incantations,

And bring the dead back to life again,

I can live in a world where grades are worthless,

Where peace and friendliness make this Earth heaven.

But even though I deceive myself,

I know that none of these things can be true,

So closing the cover resignedly,

I get up to face the world feeling blue...