Slipping Tears

Don't worry...this isn't true. Just something inspired by the song 'The Last Goodbye' by ATOMIC KITTEN. Not very good, I'm afraid, but that's for you to plz?

- - -

Tears are slipping down my cheeks,

And I can't hold them back,

Turned away from you I hide them,

But tonight, I just can't find that knack,

At hiding my troubles from you,

And acting like everything's alright,

It seems like secrets are slipping,

And my control's disappearing tonight,

I don't wanna say goodbye again,

Feel the loneliness without you,

Everything's losing its' taste,

Luck is far between and few.

I don't wanna cage you,

And stop you from living your dreams,

But still my tears keep slipping,

And my hands clutch at your very seams,

I don't wanna let you go...