A Whole New World

I stood there by James watching his best mate, Callum play in his band on stage. James had made me come down. I watched Callum play the guitar closely liking it. The band was good. James was cheering along with the other girls who were going crazy, mainly girls shrieking and screaming about how they wanted to marry certain members of the band. Kind of funny really, I wasn't like that at all. I didn't do the whole screaming and shouting thing. I just continued to watch.

The band wasn't anything big apparently. They were just doing gigs in pubs and bars hoping to get picked up. That's what James had told me anyway. Callum had been away for a while with the band playing in random pubs, clubs and bars over Britain for money. The band needed it. They were good though. I really liked their music.

Finally the gig finished and most of the crowd had left by the time Callum and the band had tidied up. I stood by James at the bar as he waited for Callum to notice him. One song of theirs still played through my head.

"James!" Callum suddenly shouted.

He came running over as fast as anything. They shook hands and had a manly hug immediately starting to catch up. Callum glanced at me a few times as they talked and I seemed to stay close to James.

"Who's the gorgeous young lady in your life then?" Callum smiled at me as I suddenly blushed when I realised the topic had turned to me.

"Oh Callum, sorry forgot to introduce you to my sister Emma." James grinned.

"You're sister?" Callum said shocked.

"Yea my sister."

Callum stood there dumbstruck for a minute.

"You have a sister… I thought she was your girlfriend… I never knew you had a sister." Callum said as he realised been as this pretty girl wasn't James girlfriend maybe he had a chance with her.

"I know I haven't told you about her or mentioned her but I'll tell you later." James explained.

"Yea sure. It's nice to finally meet you Emma." Callum smiled.

I looked at him and smiled. He wasn't that bad looking up close. He had blonde hair, blue eyes, and an athletic body. He wouldn't like an average girl like me though.

"You played really well up there." I smiled slightly.

"Well thanks." Callum grinned.

"I can play bass a little." I said.

"You can?" Questioned James.

"Yea I can." I smiled a little.

"Well that calls for you to give us a little demo then doesn't it?" James grinned.

"But I can't play that well." I panicked.

"No one will hear." Callum reassured.

I sighed as both James and Callum led me onto the stage.

Callum picked up his bass and handed it to me. He found it a little strange that over the years he had never seen me once and that I looked nothing like James or his parents. To Callum it was also strange that James didn't even know I played bass. It didn't matter anyway at the moment as he watched me tune the bass to my liking.

I looked at both James and Callum nervously as I stood there and played a couple of random chords. I swallowed as I started to play a song that Callum and the band had played only moments before and it was my first time ever hearing it.

Callum's jaw dropped as he heard the song. He and the band had only just written that song and tonight was the first time they had played it in public. He couldn't believe it. I finally finished playing and looked at them both.

"I told you I wasn't that good." I muttered as I took the bass off and handed back to Callum.

"No good? You were perfect…How did you learn to play like that? That was the first time we played that song in public." Callum replied.

"I just watched you play…That's all." I answered.

"Now that is talent. To just pick a song up like that and play it first time next to perfect." He smiled.

I blushed a little.

"You should come to practices with me and the band. They heard you, you know…The bass was plugged into everyone ear piece." He explained.

"T…T…they all heard…" I muttered.

"Yep." Callum smirked. "Don't worry…I know they would have loved you."

I stood there in shock. They all heard me play…The whole band. I tried to calm down but before I knew it I felt sick with nerves. James looked at Callum and pulled him away from me for a minute.

"Hey we need to talk for a minute. About Emma." He stated.

"Yea sure what about her?" Callum asked as he stared in my direction watching me starting to play randomly on his bass again.

"She's not my sister…Well she is but isn't. My parents got this crazy idea to adopt and so they adopted her. I mean I like her and stuff as a sister that is and she's part of the family but there is something you should know." James started. "She's only been in care for a month before been with me. She's been with us for just over 2 months now. The thing is no one knows what happened to her before that. They found her in this abandoned building. She won't talk about her past at all but they think she was abused. Not even the care home know what happened to her. She won't tell anyone so if she does want to come to the practices I want you to look after her. She isn't too good around guys…I'll have to come with her probably until she gets use to you and the others and trusts you. If you understand."

Callum stared at me more. "Yea I understand. Maybe if I can get her to trust me and you of course then she'll tell." He suggested.

"Yea maybe." Replied James as he looked in my direction and they both stood there watching me happily play random tunes on the bass.