Characters Description:

PC Chris Jame: posh, professional, believes in loyalty to his country, wants to nail Josh Fillio, successful, will get promotion, has it bad for Nina, no wife or kids, family problems, grey eyes, black hair, smart boots, dangerously handsome...

Nina Smith: pretty in a street-girl kinda way, pierced and tattooed body, black hair, green eyes, rich and clever background, used to be a straight A girl, now she's the bad-dangerous-defensive-attitude kinda girl, has a sad history, always in trouble, doesn't like PC Chris at the beginning, agrees to co-operate cuz of disgust of jail...

Chapter 1- PC Chris

Nina leaned against the marble counter casually at Police headquarters in Leicester and raised her eyebrows contemptuously at PC Chris,

"Ya want me, Nina Smith to go an' do your dirty work for ya? You can forget it mate. I got much beddar things to do with ma time, let me tell ya."

"Perhaps spending a month in jail is a better thing?" He too raised his eyebrows with a glint of warning in his steel greay eyes.

"Yeah well, I ain't goin' to no jail. You got no evidence against moi and even if you have, that old doddle, darling Jonathan will sort it out."

"Maybe..." PC Chris Jame stroked his lean chin pretending to think, "he's getting pretty old and whenever I see him in court, he's always talking about how sick he is of you and is thinking about retiring."

"Whateva, that's nothing but a load of bullshit. Wishful thinking on your part." She smirked and pretended to ignore him as her eyes scanned the room for her old-friend James the security guard. PC Chris knew almost all her winding up tactics but they still managed to get to him. Returning to his brisk, unfriendly manner, he said,

"Well the, Miss Smith, you have a choice. Either you go to jail for a month for shoplifting or you help me out and get off scot free."

"Lemme guess, if I help you guys and you actually nail that guy down, who's gonna get what? I mean, this is probably a promotiong for you right?"

"That's none of your business," he snapped, "You better make your mind up within the next half hour or like I said, you're gonna get to go to jail again. I'm going to grab a coffee." Chris always got wound up around her. She really got to him so mcuh that it caused him to get a headache after every conversation.

Although, Chris wouldn't admit it, he had it really bad for her. There was definitely chemistry and he'd have gone for her but the problem was that he was a Police Officer and she was a criminal. However, a stunning criminal to be correct, with an olive complexion and jet black, shiny hair. Her eyes were sea green framed with long, thick lashes and her mouth, a tiny, appealing rosebud.

Sighing, he made himself a coffee and sat down on a low chair. He could just make out Nina. She was talking to the security guard, James, and was laughing. James seemed almost hypnotised as he laughed with her over some crack she'd probably made. Feeling a stir of jealousy in his blood, he averted his gaze and went over the details of another case he was handling before heading back. Hopefully, Nina would decide to help him. He needed to nail Josh Fillio if it was the last thing he did.

- - -

Nina laughed as she heard James hiccup again. He'd been gulping a can of Cola before she popped up and made him choke. Thumping him on the back, she smiled sweetly and greeted him,

"How ya doin', Jamey baby?"

"Fine, fine, except for that little pop up. How 'bout ya'? Been staying out of trouble?"

"Well, what d'ya think?"

"Seems to me you're reborn." He smiled sarcastically as he surveyed her petite frame.

" and your sarky humour. But yeah...I'm reborn and worser than ever!" She grinned. "Only kidding. I'm here for shoplifting. What 'bout you? Not caught stealing a Coppers' knickers, I hope?"

"Whatever. What's with you anyway? You're such a pretty, clever girl with a nice family-"

"Oops...gotta go now." She interrupted irritatedly. She forced a smile and said, "Give my love to Lizzie, will ya? I might pop 'round if I get the time...what with my busy schedule, I might just fit you in."

"Sure, sure," he waved his hands distractedly as someone stopped to ask him a question.

Nina liked Jamey as a friend, but when he got into the preachy, grown-up attitude, he just messed up the conversation. Collapsing in a chair with her head in her hands, she pondered what to do. If she helped the Police, Laura and her mates would never talk to her again or worse...make her life a living hell. They'd consider it as an act of betrayal. On the other hand, jail was not too appealing. She shuddered as she recalled the filthy stench, dripping sinks and blocked toilets. Not exactly hygienic.

Nina didn't really want to admit it, but although Mr Craps' (i.e PC Chris's) attitude got to her, it reminded her too much of her brother Philip who had disappeared two years ago. Before her thoughts could wonder however, two extremely well-polished boots came into her line of vision and the clipped tone of PC Chris rang in her ears,

"Well? Made your mind up yet, Miss Smith?"

She grinned up at him, easily slipping back into her casual attitude and sighed dramatically,

"Well, Mr Crap, as much as I love having a free home with my mates here, I'm willing to help you with whateva you got on two points," she held up two fingers, "One, I don't wanna have any contact with my old family and Two, after this, I don't know you and you don't know me. Is that okay with you sirree?"

"Well, sure," he felt intrigued by the 1st point, "but what is it about your old family that makes you say that?"

She wagged her fingers at him cheekily and warned with a genuine, serious warning underneath the light tone, "Well officer, you must 'ave heard of criminal confidentiality or summit? Don't we law breakers have a right to privacy too?"

"Not if I think it's important and might be useful information in your case." He replied steadily.

"Yeah, but I've agreed to do whateva it is you have in store for me. You know, your dirty work. I don't have no case anymore."

"I'll talk to you later about this stuff. Meanwhile, seeing as you've agreed, we'll call it a day. It's pretty late. I'll call you a taxi and I want you here back tomorrow around one in the afternoon to write up your statement. Two other officers, PC Hargreaves and PC Rogers will also be present as witnesses and your verbal statement will be recorded as further evidence. Well, good night Miss Smith." He nodded before she could say a word, and went over to call her a taxi from the reception desk. Nina looked after him with a rising panic. She wasn't sure she wanted to do it anymore, especially if she had to spill the beans about her family. She didn't want him, or anyone else for that matter, to find out about what they'd done until she found her brother. Ever.