A stream of warm water
Filling the cool white tub,
I watch it in my loneliest
Hours and I find myself
Dreaming of you.

Slowly working the buttons
Loose until the shirt
Sinks back from my shoulders
And blue plaid peels away to
Reveal bare flesh.

Sinking into the water,
I cannot help but smile
As thoughts of you
Fulfill my heart, making
Me sense my worth.

Only you seem to have this
Effect, causing me to merely
Wish and hope and dream and
Desire to be ever more beautiful,
More true and more real.

When I talk to you, your voice
Surrounds me, wrapping me within
Your protective, loving care
And I know I can be everything and
Anything that I desire.

Strength returns to me in knowing
That I am important to you and
Feeling that I can be myself
Completely, without fear
While I am yours.

Closing my eyes, a sigh
Escapes me merely as I
Remember those I must leave
Behind, but though I shed tears for
Them, I want nothing more than you.

Though I fear so very much,
I somehow feel that this will work,
That this can work and that being
Here, dreaming of you is more real than
Anything I've ever felt before.

I know somehow, that despite my
Fears and my tears, you would
Never hurt me, not intentionally, and
I very doubt ever, because to you I am
Important, it would hurt you to hurt me.

Dreaming of you drawing me from
The water in which I bathe, drying my
Full body warmly, lovingly with soft caresses
And smiles and hugs and kisses and love,
Only to carry me to bed.

Feeling the truth of your words, trusting
That even in my lowliest hours,
You would still respect and cherish me,
You would still lay me softly under you
Upon a bed of deep crimson, silk rose petals.

Empowered is how I feel when I
Consider being yours, when I consider
Taking your collar and your love,
Becoming both your possession,
And your equal: lover and mate.

As I lay myself to sleep, to dream of
You within my folds, holding me close
In our bed with scarlet sheets of silk,
Filling my heart with your passion
And your intellect, I find myself purring.

I pass into sleep, into dreaming
Hearing your voice in my mind,
Soothing me, loving me, caressing me,
Wrapped in your imagination, your
Pain and pleasure: I belong.