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Last Award

A/N - just to let you guys know, back in my 7th and 8th grade years of school, we had something call 'Bucks Pride Assembly', where once a month we gather and the teachers handed out pins that said 'Pride' on them, this poem takes place on June 8, 2005, the last pride assembly, and the time where i got the last 8th grade award.

Bucks Pride assembly,

Last one of the year,

I have flashbacks from last year,

Of the three pins I had got,

One from Language Arts,

One From Math,

And the other from art as being,

Student is Teacher,

Teacher is student

I had taught her how to use a laptop,

Thus getting a pin for doing so,

My Science Teacher got up,

I snap back to reality,

He is the last 8th grade teacher,

To give an award,

His words echo though me head

'She is serious on doing her work,

And may go unnoticed...'

Not his exact words,

But that is how I hear them,

I barley hear my name,

As he calls it out,

I go up to get it,

And his final words to me are,


You've earn it'

That totals four,

And only one in sight,

AsI march on,

And fulfill my destiny on earth.

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